Jan 7, 2008

Books For Trade

Below is a list of books that I am willing to trade.

Please send an email to jenbigheart@gmail.com if you want to make an offer. I reserve the right to decline an offer. I will mail all books using Media Mail with a DC for you to track. I would expect the same in return. I will not sell an ARC under any circumstances. It is okay to trade for a book that you purchase online and ship to me. Thx!

To Trade: (ARCs unless otherwise noted)
SIGNED PB of Discord's Apple by Vaughn
PB of The Fallen 1 (The Fallend & Leviathan) by Sniegoski
SIGNED PB of Ghost Town (Morganville Diaries 1) by Caine
SIGNED ARC of Vanish by Jordan
SIGNED ARC of Sweet Venom by Childs
SIGNED ARC of Payback Time by Deucker
Absolute Midnight (Abarat #3) by Barker
Going Underground by Vaught
The Predicts by Seifert
The Traitor's Smile (sequel to The Pale Assassin) by Elliott
Starcrossed by Angelini
Forever by Steifvater
Forgotten by Patrick
Fury by Miles
Michael Vey by Evans
Vanished by Chari
Lights on the Nile by Napoli
The Gray Wolf Throne by Chima
The Shattering by Healey
The Beginning of After by Castle
You Against Me by Downham
Melody Burning by Strieber

Looking For:
Cinder by Mayer
A Temptation of Angels by Zink
Beautiful Days by Godbersen
The Everneath by Brodi Ashton
Delirium by Lauren Oliver (NEW cover)
Truth (XVI #2) by Karr

Jan 6, 2008

Banned Book Tours

How can I be a part of a book tour?
You need to live in the United States and have your own book blog. You need to be willing to read the book in a timely fashion and commit to writing an honest, well-thought review. I need more than, “I liked it a lot.” I am looking for a review that reflects on literary elements that make up a story - plot, setting, characters, ect…

I was accepted on a tour and I changed my mind about reading…
That’s okay as long as you give me adequate notice. If the book is on its way to you, you are still required to ship the book to the next recipient, regardless if you intend to read or not.

I don’t have time to read/review the book that was sent…
See above. I understand that life happens. I believe in a three strikes you’re out policy. You will receive strikes for heavy damage of a book, losing a book, and skipping a review. I realize that there are circumstances that arise that result in skipping a review. That is why you get a TOTAL of three chances. If you change your mind about participating and you give me adequate notice to remove you from the tour, you will not receive a strike. Treat the book as if it came from the library.

I think I have a book that you may be interested in…
Great! Please feel free to email me if you are an author, publisher, or a reader who has a book to donate. I will happily tell the world that you donated generously.

You must be at least 18 years old.

You must review YA/Children’s lit. If it is an eclectic blog where you review an assortment of titles even adult, great!

You must be a frequent blogger - more than twice a week - and you must have meaningful reviews on your blog. We are trying to promote a book and want to reach as many people as possible. I understand if you do not have 500+ followers. I am more interested in your past reads and reviews than your follower count. On the other hand, a blog that has just started or has fewer than 100 followers, may not be chosen to participate on a tour. Not everyone will be accepted to be a part of a tour.

Books are to be mailed only to those on the tour, and I will provide you with the next person’s name and address via email. No exceptions. People’s names and addresses should be kept confidential. Please do not see this as an opportunity to solicit these people.

You MUST use a DC (delivery confirmation) with every book. Using a DC will prevent any miscommunication on your part and mine. If you choose not to use a DC, you will not participate on future tours.

You are free to immediately post your review or save it for a later date. You must enter your review in the Linky provided on the original tour page withing TWO weeks of mailing out your tour book.

It would be appreciated if you would include 'Banned Book Tours' on your review post.

You may have up to two books at one time. I try my best to space them out, but that is also determined by other readers and their schedules.

Treat the book tour like a service and privilege. Choose your books wisely and manage your time well.

There is a three strikes you're out policy. When in doubt…email me - jenbigheart@gmail.com


Sign up to be a part of Banned Book Tours using this FORM
Request a book by commenting under the book you wish to review - look for “Banned Book Tours” in title of post. All books will also contain a ‘Banned Book Tours’ tag
An email will be sent to you if you are accepted on the tour

A book will be mailed to you from me or another reviewer
A sticker will indicate that it is part of Banned Book Tours
Email me when you have received the book and I will email the address of the recipient next in line
You have 7 days to read and mail to next recipient

Mail using Media Mail
You must purchase a DC (delivery confirmation) when mailing your book
Email me when mailed to next recipient - include the DC code

You have 14 days (after initial 7 to read) to send a LINK to the review
You may publish your review on the blog right away OR you can wait until closer to publication
It is recommended that you use Goodreads to post review if you aren’t ready to post on blog

Happy Reading!
Jen Bigheart
I Read Banned Books & Banned Book Tours

Jan 5, 2008

Reviews reflect my personal opinions. You can expect a thoughtful, well-written review that will discuss plot, characters, setting, style, and other literary elements that make up a story. Not all books will earn a positive review, but my opinions will solely focus on literary elements and nothing more. I began writing reviews as a library student in 2009. I have continued reading and writing reviews and have recorded them here. I have been fortunate to gain a following of great readers who are committed to spreading ‘bookjoy.’

I am willing to participate in book tours, host giveaways, and conduct interviews. I mainly read YA fiction, but will accept middle grade books. If the title is part of a series, I may request earlier titles in order to provide a better review.

I accept books (hardbacks, paperbacks, ARCs, and audio versions) for review from publishers and authors. E-books will be accepted on an individual basis depending on age level and genre.

I am able to review:
                Young adult fiction from all genres including poetry
                Young adult non-fiction
                Young adult graphic novels
                Middle grade fiction from all genres including poetry
Upon shipment of title(s), a review will take place within one month of release date. Unfortunately, I am not able to read and review every title I am given. I assure you that I am very versed in current YA fiction and these titles take precedence over others. Books that will not be read will given away on the blog or donated to a local school or shelter. If you do not wish for your book to be part of a giveaway, please let me know. A review or an online link to a published review will be emailed. If the book is part of a book tour, all reviews will be compiled in a document and emailed when the tour is complete.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Jen @ I Read Banned Books