Review Policy

Reviews reflect my personal opinions. You can expect a thoughtful, well-written review that will discuss plot, characters, setting, style, and other literary elements that make up a story. Not all books will earn a positive review, but my opinions will solely focus on literary elements and nothing more. I began writing reviews as a library student in 2009. I have continued reading and writing reviews and have recorded them here. I have been fortunate to gain a following of great readers who are committed to spreading ‘bookjoy.’

I am willing to participate in book tours, host giveaways, and conduct interviews. I mainly read and review YA and middle grade fiction. If the title is part of a series, I may request earlier titles in order to provide a better review.

I accept books (hardbacks, paperbacks, ARCs, and audio versions) for review from publishers and authors. E-books will be accepted on an individual basis. At this time, I am no longer accepting reviews from independent/self-published books.

I am able to review:
                Young adult fiction from all genres including poetry
                Young adult non-fiction
                Young adult graphic novels
                Middle grade fiction from all genres including poetry
Unfortunately, I am not able to read and review every title I am given. Books that will not be read will given away on the blog, donated to a local school or shelter, or donated to ARCycling. If you do not wish for your book to be part of a giveaway, please let me know. A review or an online link to a published review will be emailed when live.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Jen @ I Read Banned Books