Sep 2, 2014

Texas Teen Book Festival 2014

It's that time of year where it looks like I've fallen off the face of the planet, but in all actuality I'm busy bee with Texas Teen Book Festival. Check out the full lineup, and thank you to artist Michael Sieben for lending the image!

Feel free to share on your blog, social media, and in your library. Use #TTBF14 so we can find you and RT. Want a PDF or high res version? Email and we'll send you one. We'll see you October 18th at St. Edward's University!

Aug 5, 2014

Giveaway: Homeroom Diaries by James Patterson and Lisa Papademetriou

In James Patterson's first highly illustrated "diary fiction" story for teens, the mega-bestselling author's most endearing and original teen heroine ever proves that everyone can use a helping hand once in a while.

Margaret "Cuckoo" Clarke recently had a brief stay in a mental institution following an emotional breakdown, but she's turning over a new leaf with her "Happiness Project". She's determined to beat down the bad vibes of the Haters, the Terror Teachers, and all of the trials and tribulations of high school by writing and drawing in her diary. And when life gets really tough, she works through her own moments of uncertainty through imaginary conversations with her favorite literary characters.

Cuckoo's also got a nearly impossible mission: she, along with her misfit band of self-deprecating friends (who call themselves "the Freakshow") decide to bridge the gap between warring cliques and "bring the Nations together". Not everyone is so willing to join hands and get along, but Cuckoo never stops smiling...until one of her closest friends, pushed to desperation by a Hater prank, decides that enough is enough.

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Jul 7, 2014


I'm on VACATION! Yes, I think I deserve it too! See you in August. *wink

Jun 11, 2014

Happy 5th Blogiversary to Me!

Today I am celebrating 5 YEARS of doing stuff here! Way back in 2009 I started this blog as a requirement for library school. I had to keep track of search strategies and reviews for classes. After I graduated I decided to keep it up and lo and behold here I am 5 years later! 

I usually have a super fun giveaway, but this year I'm going minimalist, as in I got nothing for you. (even borrowed that image from elainfogel) Over the past few months I've moved, bought four prom dresses for a picky teenager, turned 20 (+20), had a Bob the Builder birthday party (as seen on Insta), and hosted a giant graduation party for the picky teenager. All while working for full-time and wearing my Texas Teen Book Festival and Young Adult Round Table hats. So, sorry kids...maybe next year, but you can find me on Twitter where I chat about books and margaritas. A lot. 

Oh, and I got this wicked awesome tattoo! IMEANSERIOUSLYIAMINLOVE

May 12, 2014

Event: John Green and the Cast of The Fault In Our Stars

I can't tell you how much of a lucky duck I am! Last Friday my youngest (pictured below) and I made the three hour trip up to Dallas to be one of a thousand people to see the cast of The Fault In Our Stars (Ansel Elgot, Nat Wolff, and Shailene Woodley) and the author John Green. I was fortunate enough to score VIP tickets that meant I did not have to wait in line. #thankdog THE LINE WAS INSANE and I can't tell you how happy I was not to wait in the Texas sun! The crowd cheered every time a news crew came by and they had the most amazing posters and signs. It was such a site!

May 6, 2014

Wish You Were Italian by Kristin Rae & Ten Italian Things I Love
Wish You Were Italian by Kristin Rae
May 6th, 2014 from Bloomsbury

Pippa has always wanted to go to Italy … but not by herself. And certainly not to sit in art school the entire summer learning about dead guys’ paintings. When she steps off the plane in Rome, she realizes that traveling solo gives her the freedom to do whatever she wants. So it’s arrivederci, boring art program and ciao, hot Italian guys!

Charming, daring, and romantic, Bruno is just the Italian Pippa’s looking for—except she keeps running into cute American archeology student Darren everywhere she goes. Pippa may be determined to fall in love with an Italian guy … but the electricity she feels with Darren says her heart might have other plans. Can Pippa figure out her feelings before her parents discover she left the program and—even worse—she loses her chance at love?

Events: YA and Kidlit Events Coming to Texas

May is full of amazing events right here in Texas! We post weekly events at Literary Lonestars and for a full list of events here is our calendar, bookmark it! Here is just a sampling of the awesome coming our way!
Dark Days Tour is coming and Texas is the first stop! Tuesday, May 6th at Irving Public Library.