May 11, 2017

Review: Star Wars Builders (Millennium Falcon, Starfighters, & Droids)

Discover what makes the Millennium Falcon the most famous ship in the galaxy with this master builder kit! Featuring a 64-page book detailing out some of the ship's most daring adventures and introducing members of the crew, Star Wars fans will enjoy learning more about one of the most legendary starships in the galaxy. Plus, this kit includes thick puzzle-like pieces so fans can build their very own Millennium Falcon ship for all their adventures.

Star Wars Builders: Starfighters by Adam Bray
Fly to the aid of the Rebels or join forces with the Imperial army with your very own starfighters! Starfighters are central to both the Rebel and Imperial armies and now fans can find out what makes starfighters so agile and how they differ from other starships used in the galaxy with this master builder kit, which includes a 64-page book detailing out information on both the X-wing and the TIE figher. Plus, this kit comes with thick puzzle-like pieces so fans can build both starfighters and create their own battle scenes.

Star Wars Builders: Droids by Cole Horton
From astromech driods plotting courses across the galaxy to protocol droids translating many different languages—droids are central to life the galaxy and can do almost anything! Learn about different types of droids and their many functions and become a droid expert and master builder. This kit includes a 64-page paperback book and thick puzzle-like pieces to build your own BB-8, C-3PO, and R2-D2. Take your favorite droids along for the ride on your next mission in the galaxy.

I can't tell you how much fun I (we) had creating these! We started with the Millennium Falcon which contains 21 pieces. I was skeptical going in because of the round shape, but pieces that needed to bend hand perforated creases that it made it way easy.  I was also a little worried about getting the numbered tabs (seen below) into the corresponding holes. The cardboard held up very well and we only had to force one in. We completed this kit in about 20 minutes. We weren't in a rush and really took our time with tabs making sure they didn't bend.

You can see from the photo that the MF is a really nice size! There are a lot of details, much more than I anticipated. All in all, 5 stars!

Next we tried the Starfighters which contain 31 pieces. This was a little more complicated. There are two ships and the directions were super clear, but the pieces were smaller and much more difficult to fit together. I can see young people being a little frustrated with the tabs and holes. 

I had a hard time with the nose of the X-Wing. It just wouldn't bend as easily even though it too had the perforated creases. The small piece that keeps the nose to the ship broke, and you can see it looking a little lopsided in the photo above. Still, I love it. It's also bigger than I thought it would be. 

The Tie-Fighter went together much easier. In all, this kit took us almost an hour. 

I only have one single minor gripe about the kits, and that is that the 64-page book doesn't come away from the box at all. I can see a kid tossing the box aside and in the trash more than I can picture him carrying about an empty box with a book attached. I hope with future kits they will make the book separately. 

The book was full of fun trivia and great glossy photos of the scenes and characters. The answers are on the bottom of the page upside-down, so no worries if you don't know the answers. The books also have a good mix of of episodes IV-VI and I-III. 

I will definitely be purchasing these for gifts! They are terrific for Star Wars fans and those who love to build things. 

PS, I plan to start the crochet kit at the top of the page. TOO CUTE!