Aug 25, 2010

My Mockingjay Hangover

It's the day after Mockingjay and I'm...I dunno, hungover? Can you be drunk off a good book? I, of course, say yes! The anticipation was/is high, and the book world was/is bursting at the seems for Suzanne Collins to finish Katniss's story. Does Katniss defeat the Capitol? Does she choose her best friend Gale or Peeta, the boy who has saved her life countless times in the arena? Hunger Games and Catching Fire has remained on the NY Times Best Seller List for what, 6 years? Okay, I exaggerate, a little, but you see my point. The Hunger Games trilogy, like Harry Potter and Twilight, has helped YA fiction grow roots further into solid ground.

My review? I'm pretty certain that Suzanne Collins could have written gibberish and I would have loved it. Luckily, she didn't and Mockingjay was beyond an excellent read. I would hate to spoil the book for others so I will not go in to details. Love it or hate it, please remember this is Suzanne's story, and more than likely, she knew how Katniss's story would end all along. I respect that and happen to love the final installment. I will definitely read it again (very soon) - just as soon as my kids and husband give it back! I leave you with Suzanne reading the first chapter of Mockingjay. Who knew Katniss was a country girl?!?