Sep 29, 2010

Making time to read and lots of quickie reviews....

I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm certain that there is less than 24 hrs in a day now. Where is the time going? We are creeping on October, and the days are going by in a blur. I don't think I'm the only one that has noticed time is flying.... Regardless, I have time to read. Even if it's for only 10 or 15 minutes, I read every single day. It's an important time of day for me. As you have probably guessed, I'm an avid YA reader. I really always have been. There are a few adult fiction books that I enjoyed (anything by Alice Hoffman), but I usually stick to the YA highway. With time passing, my kids growing up, and a husband on the road, I find that reading is my saving grace. Other side of the coin - I have to choose my reads wisely. I've been suckered in by a book with an amazing cover, but the story was a complete failure. So, here is what I've read lately paired with a down and dirty review. Here we go....

HALO by Alexandra Adornetto
2010, Supernatural Romance

Review: Angel put on Earth to save mankind decides to fall in love with a boy instead. Read to page 50 then skip to page 300. 1 out of 5 stars.

FIRELIGHT by Sophie Jordan
2010, Paranormal Romance

Review: Jacinda is a draki who is trying to live like a normal teenager, but a boy awakens her inner dragon. Sounds corny, but it isn't. Surprisingly awesome! 5 out of 5 stars.

MAZE RUNNER by James Dashner
2009, Sci-Fi Fantasy
Review: Thomas wakes up in a game where the stakes are high. With no memories, he feels a connection to the deadly place, and knows it's up to him to save himself and solve the maze. Up my alley, but tad dull in teh middle. 4 out of 4 stars

CITY OF ASHES by Cassandra Clare
2009, Paranormal Romance
Review: Clary, Simon, Jace, Alec, and Isabelle continue to battle creatures of the Underworld. Sequel to City of Bones. Twists, turns, and someone gets "turned." 4 out of 5 stars