Oct 18, 2010

Beautiful Darkness Tour...I was the Swag Hag!

Ba-Ba-Beautiful Darkness!

I must say, Austin is a town that loves books and promoting literacy. The Beautiful Darkness release party at Book People was a ton of fun and for some (lucky) reason, I was allowed to be the Swag Hag! What is that you ask? I would be happy to tell you! Mundie Moms gave me a shout and asked if I would help out passing out the swag. Hellz yes was my answer! I dubbed myself...the Swag Hag. To be fair, my friend Stephanie Pellegrin was also passing out swag and I don't know how she would feel about the "hag" bit, but I am a-okay with it. I digress...

Margie, Anastasia, and Kami

The event started at 6pm for the muggles, but lucky us....we got to meet Kami and Margie beforehand. Enter the fab Anastasia Hopcus. She wrote Shadow Hills (which you need to read), and is a local gal. We dig that. Anywho, everybody went over their little jobs - Girls In the Stacks were in charge of the Blog TV feed, Justly Jennifer was the photog and made the super cute badges everyone was wearing. Anastasia was the interviewer along with Katie from Mundie Moms, and Stephanie and me were the hags. Happy, happy hags. 


*swoon again*

Kami and Margie were so warm, funny, and engaging. You can tell they have known each other a long time. I think they are just like my husband and me. Crazy huh! There were some awesome questions and answers at the event. I tried to remember as much as I can. Here ya go:

Margie said Kami wanted to name Beautiful Creatures "Kami: a book by Kami Garcia. Lol!

Beautiful Creatures was originally called 16 Moons. The gals said they were pretty much set on the title, but it just wasn't meant to be. They were thumbing through the book looking for something catchy. They found it!

If Kami dressed up for halloween, they would be: Kami - a cool Star Wars person

Kami is a better cook than Amma.

Margi wrote some of her parts in Italy. Kami has never been to Italy. 

The event was recorded on their Blog TV channel. Check it out like NOW!

#Beautiful Darkness Swag Hags (its a good thing kids!)

It was a great event followed by a hilarious dinner at EZ's and a made dash through the Half Price Books the size of Costco. I hope everyone can catch Margie and Kami on the #beautifuldarknesstour. You won't regret it!!!

Happy Reading!