Nov 1, 2010

City of Bones - Graphic Novel news!

I'm not sure if everyone knows that The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare is being turned into a graphic novel. Today, Cassie posted a picture from the book! 

Here is what Cassie has to say:
While I don't have a release date for the graphic novels at this time, I thought I'd share a panel just to reassure everyone it was still ongoing. This is Clary's dream, from p. 57 of City of Bones:

She saw her mother lying in a hospital bed, eyes like bruises in her white face. She saw Luke, standing atop a pile of bones. Jace with white feathered wings sprouting out of his back, Isabelle sit- ting naked with her whip curled around her like a net of gold rings, Simon with crosses burned into the palms of his hands. Angels, falling and burning. Falling out of the sky.

Visit Cassie at her blog:

Happy Reading! 


  1. 1) your layout is gorgeous!
    2) EEEEEYAAAY! :)

  2. Beautiful picture!!

  3. Good morning! English Teacher from Howe, Oklahoma here. Just came across your blog this morning while searching for "stuff" to share with my 11th grade students. We started a unit on banned books this week.

    I love your blog, and must admit I will probably be doing a great deal of exploring here. Thanks for sharing a wealth of knowledge.

    I also just started blogging with my senior classes. So I am sure I will also get lots of great ideas on that front as well. Feel free to drop by and give us any advice you have to offer.