Nov 29, 2010

Twitter Love Link

When I was preparing for the Gratitude Giveaway I had this itchy curiosity about who was blogging from Texas. As you may know, I blog from Austin and we have a fantastic book community. I always wonder if I am in the presence of great bloggers at some of these events. So, the form for the Gratitude Giveaway included a question about blogging from Texas. I was able to meet four new book bloggers from this giant state. This lead to an idea about how I would find people who tweet about books. Rephrase - how I would easily find people who tweet about books. There are a zillion people on Twitter, but it can be a little overwhelming to browse through people's lengthy lists. So, I give you the Twitter Love Link. If you would like, leave your link so others can find you. 

*This will not automatically get you new followers with one click, but it will allow you to see who tweets about the things you may be interested in. 

Please leave your BLOG name and in parentheses, what you tweet. 
Your LINK should be your Twitter account.

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