Jan 13, 2011

All You Get Is Me - Character Interview With Storm

Everybody, welcome Storm!

You were raised in a strict Christian home, when did you start to stray from your parents ideals?
Near as I can remember, I was about ten. My parents put me in Sunday school and I soon realized that no one was paying that much attention. Me and Ricky Crawford would slip out the back door and smoke cigarettes in the graveyard. I showed him my underpants. He wanted to see my breasts but I wouldn't let him because I was actually stuffing my training bra at the time.

Have your parents basically thrown in the towel or do they think you are going through a rebellious stage that you will outgrow?
Well, I am going through the longest rebellious period known to man so I have to give them credit for sticking with the program. They still pray for me. But then they also pray for complete strangers.

What are your plans after high school?
Thanks for reminding me, I need to make a plan.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
The palm reader at the fair said I would be dead but she might be a big fake. I guess I see myself designing clothes for famous people and married to someone fabulous from New York who can get me out of this dump.

Be honest, what was your first impression of Roar?
Oh, man, is she lucky I came along. She was a babe in the woods. She knew nothing about how to survive in the harsh world that is rural High School. Lucky for her, I was on hiatus from a formerly popular group of girls who went all skank on me and I was in the market for a new BFF. I swooped in and rescued her, I mean, she was just standing there in the halls, looking lost. I think she was even wearing clogs.

Roar's father doesn't exactly "approve" of some of your choices. Why do you think he lets you hang out with his very obedient daughter?
Well, most of the time he doesn't know. He's so busy saving the world and growing shit. But wait, lets back up.."Obedient?" since when? Roar isn't the good girl she pretends to be. She's been hanging out with Forest...uh...the SON of the WOMAN who KILLED SYLVIA. They spend a lot of time alone together....a LOT, and he's from LA, where NO ONE is a virgin. Roar pretty much does whatever she wants. She doesn't even have a mom and like I said, her dad's totally tuned out. Anyway, if her dad took the time to know me, I think he'd see that I'm the best thing that ever happened to Roar. I mean, before me she had no life at all.

Do you think Roar and Forest can endure a long distance relationship?
I dunno. They're all serious. It's nauseating, frankly.

Date the drummer or the lead singer?
Lead singer..d'uh.

L.A. or New York?
New York for the fashion. LA for Hollywood.

Sex Pistols or The Ramones? 
Sex Pistols, wait, The Ramones, yeah, The Ramones.

Red lipstick or fishnet tights?
Can't I have both? Wait, I do have both.

Black boots or red heels?
Again, I have to have both but I also have Black heels and Red Boots, plus those fab. white go-go boots I got from Roar.

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