Jan 20, 2011

Good News Friday (Mont Fest)

It's Friday again, yay! If you have good news, share it! Tell me about your new puppy, a lower heating bill, or even a good recipe you found. I have two pieces of good news. Tomorrow is my first TLA committee meeting! I have no clue what to expect, but I will write down everything. I hope I walk in and they hand me a ten page spreadsheet of all the awesome authors that are attending. Doubt that will happen, but a book nerd can dream!

My second good news is that a bunch of us TX book bloggers are meeting in The Woodlands this weekend for the Montgomery County Teen Book Festival!!!! I am SO very excited to meet some of these awesome ladies that I have been talking to for the first time. I know they are happy to meet me. ;)

So, you may notice a lot of crae crae tweeting going on tomorrow night and Saturday! Wanna come? Please do! Below is a link to the festival. I won't tell you what hotel we are staying in, but I bet you can find us if you roll down your window and drive slow down I-45. Also, a lot of these wonderful Lonestars are handing over bags and boxes of books to take to the Austin Children's Shelter. Awesome!

So what's your good news?

Mont Fest link HERE