Jan 18, 2011

Update: Austin Children's Shelter Donations

When Stephanie and I made a call to authors, bloggers, and book lovers to make a donation to the Austin Children's Shelter, we would never have dreamed of the awesome response. Authors from all over the country volunteered to donate boxes of their books, bloggers from Texas cleaned out their shelves and bought gift cards to book stores, and friends and family packed up bags and boxes too! This post is to say THANK YOU for helping us help others.

I wrote Janice, the coordinator of in-kind donations, about our latest efforts. She was, again, very thankful and excited for the new books. She also shared a story that I am happy to share with you.

"Thursday evening after you left I returned to the ESB kitchen to pick up 
some water bottles and there was a young man (16), just staring at the book 
shelves you both so caringly organized just an hour or so before.

He stopped me and said “Miss, did we get new books?... Can you help me fine one I might like?”…

I believe the simple act of creating order drew him to the shelves.. Thank you for 
caring and sharing the gift of reading with those who have yet to explore its treasures."

Just warms my heart! As a librarian and book lover, I feel beyond awesome when someone finds "bookjoy." I hope this young man and many others will find joy and hope in a book. We are still collecting donations until the beginning of February. This will allow the boxes to come in and gives us time to keep seeking donations. If you are unfamiliar about how this all started, please read HERE and HERE. We have over 107 books for the shelter so far, and hope to have 300 by the time our appointment comes around in February. 

Again, I thank the people who have donated so far, and ask that you consider donating as well. Even one book is very generous. We are seeking any books, but middle grade and young adult fiction and non-fiction are very much in need. Want to give something other than books? Click here to view the shelter's wishlist.  A full list of donors will be posted when we have a grand total. 

Stephanie and I appreciate you all so much! Even the kind words bring a smile to our faces! 

Happy Giving! 


  1. This is so fantastic! Great job on organizing this, Jen!

  2. Thanks for making me cry!! at work!! lol Seriously.. this whole concept really touches me. The idea of sharing books with those less fortunate is amazing. Y'all are amazing for putting this together. I have some books to donate & will give them to you on Friday night :-)

  3. We appreciate all of the donations...our list of thank you's is growing every day.

  4. That is so brilliant what you've done! It's so nice that you are sharing the love of literature every day :)

  5. Donations are rolling in from Sophie Jordan, Heather Brewer, Ellen Hopkins, and Cindy Pon.

    Lisa and Laura Roecker (The Liar Society) AND Daisy Whitney donated today!