Mar 20, 2011

(ARC) Tour - Pearl by Jo Knowles

Pearl by Jo Knowles
July 19th, 2011 by Henry Holt

Bean (née Pearl) and Henry, misfits and best friends, have the strangest mothers in town. Henry’s mom Sally never leaves the house. Bean’s mom Lexie, if she is home, is likely nursing a hangover or venting to her friend Claire about Bean’s beloved grandfather Gus, the third member of their sunny household.

Gus’s death unleashes a host of family secrets that brings them all together. And they threaten to change everything—including Bean’s relationship with Henry, her first friend, and who also might turn out to be her first love.

Please be sure to start here if you want to participate.
Comment below with your name and state to be 
considered for this tour.

1. Jacinda (IN) 
2. Christi (NJ) 
3. Irish (MA) 
4. Heather (IL)
5. Heather (UT)
6. Kim (CA)
7. Jenna (CA)
8. Colleen (OK) 
9. Savannah (TX)
10. Lauren (KY)
10. Ashely (ID)

*tour closed 8/10*


  1. I've been waiting forever for you to post this tour! I want in!

    Christi, NJ

  2. Sweet! I'd love to read this for the tour!

    Jacinda, IN

  3. I'm really hoping to read this!

    -Jenna (CA)

  4. I want in too! Love her writing!


  5. I'd love to be included in the tour

  6. I like to read this one

    ~Irish (MA)

  7. Would love to do this, but alas, mine is a writing blog. Will have to get my eager hands on PEARL another way:-)

  8. I only recently started review books via, so I don't have a lot of followers on my blog, yet. But I do promote via Twitter, Facebook-where I have more followers. I'd love to review this book, especially since Jo Knowles herself told me about this tour.
    Thanks for your consideration, Loretta

  9. Still kind of a new follower here and getting used to what you're up to! I am in the midst of moving and reading too many books, so it might be best if I passed on this now. My husband would kill me if another book arrived only to have to find the book box and re-pack *eep!

    I love your blog layout by the way! I'll be back again for some reviews and more tour stuff, for sure.

  10. Oohh! Sounds strange, but I'm interested! And pretty cover!! *is swayed by aesthetics*

  11. @Just a Girl...I didn't get a form from you. Read the purple above to see how to start. ;)


  12. I'd like to be considered for this tour please!

    Cici (OK)
    Cici's Theories

  13. Heather (Proud Book Nerd), Illinois

    (I just signed up to join the tours over the weekend.)

  14. Savannah from Texas

    If it is still open!

  15. Al from GA (if it's still open!) How did I not see this one before?!

  16. Is this still still open? If so, I have been eyeing this book for a while and would love to read and review it!

    Miss Lauren from KY