Mar 27, 2011

(ARC) Tour - Sass & Serendipity by Jennifer Ziegler

Sass & Serendipity by Jennifer Ziegler
Published July 12th 2011 by Delacorte Books for Young Readers

For Daphne, the glass is always half full, a situation is better managed with a dab of lip gloss, and the boy of her dreams—the one she's read about in all of her novels—is waiting for her just around the corner.
For Gabby, nothing ever works out positively; wearing any form of makeup is a waste of study time, and boys will only leave you heartbroken. Her best friend, Mule, is the only one who has been there for her every step of the way.
But when the richest boy in school befriends Gabby, and Daphne starts to hang out more and more with her best friend, Mule, Gabby is forced to confront the emotional barriers she has put up to stop the hurting. And for once, her sassiness may fall prey to her definition of stupidity.

Please be sure to start here if you want to participate.

Comment below with your name and state to be 
considered for this tour.

1. Stephanie (TX)
2. Colleen (OK)
3. Jayme (OK)
4. Sandra (CO)
5. Savannah (TX)
6. Elizabeth (FL)
7. Al (GA)
8. Jessi (Mo)
9. Chelsey (WA)
10. Kristen (MA)


  1. Sandra from Colorado! This book sounds good! :)

  2. Please consider me. Amy Deatherage with from TX

  3. are you still accepting people for this?
    I would love to read it! :)
    Al (GA)

  4. If you're looking for someone to fill that last spot, I'd be interested :-)

    Jessi (MO)

  5. Are there still people being accepted? I'd love to be considered if there are!


    Eli (Elisquared) - Florida

  6. If there's still time I'd love to be added to this tour!

    Chelsey (WA)

  7. Am I able to be added on this tour? I would love to be on it!!

    Kristen (MA)