May 5, 2011

The Book Blogger Hop (25)

The Book Blogger Hop is a weekly event hosted by Jennifer at Crazy for Books and runs from Friday to Sunday. 

The Hop is a fantastic way to get your blog noticed, and visit some other blogs that you didn't know about before. Head over and sign up and see what you can find!

Each week a different question will be added to the hop in order for conversations to occur, and for your followers to get to know you better. Here we go!

"Which book blogger would you
most like to meet in real life?"

Hmmmm, so many to choose from! I am not sure if I would say one particular person, but I would love to have one giant TX book blogger party. I have diligently been keeping track of us and, to date, there are over 50 YA and/or kidlitter bloggers! I have a little log of everyone and where they are from and we have all gotten to know each other well. Texas is a huge state and I just knew there were a ton of us out there. Each time I find another, I eeeek a little bit. We meet up a lot at book signings and festivals. Here is a good one of *some* of us at the Montgomery County Book Festival in Houston a few months ago. Can you pick out which one is me? Lol!

Follow Friday is hosted by the lovely Rachel at Parajunkee's View. Here is her question:

"What character in a book would you most like to be, 
what character in a book would you most like to date?"

I can easily think of a zillion people I would NOT want to be. I don't want to be anyone who has to slay dragons or deal with demons chasing after them. Ugh, who? I am totally stuck. Date...okay this one is easier. I would totally date Jace even if he was my brother. For realz, who cares? We could adopt.... Also, I would take Dr. Cullen. Why would anyone choose a sweaty wolf or Edtard with rosy lips over a hot doctor with a healing touch? Not me! I think I will throw in Four from Divergent just because he is adventurous. Yes, all three - I'll take 'em! 

Share your thoughts and I will find you at your hop.

Divergent is up for grabs, ends 5/8
Sweet Valley Confidential review
Silver Phoenix review tomorrow! 
Die For Me review & giveaway next week! 


  1. Happy FF. Hope you have a great weekend. Oh, have a big giveaway for Cinco de Mayo on my blog. Over 16 authors donated. Hope you will stop in :).

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Looks like you had fun. I get to have lunch with a small group of book bloggers on a semi-regular basis. If you're in the SF Bay Area, maybe we've met! Happy blog hop.

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  4. Hi & Happy Friday!

    A great choice..

    I am your newest follower :)

    Have a great weekend.

  5. That seems like it would be a lot of fun! There aren't many of us in CT

  6. Hope to meet face to face at Austin Teen Book Festival in Oct OR catch you when you are DFW way.

  7. Hi! New follower!!! :D

    I would choose to be Alanna from the Tamora Pierce books...but I'm still looking for my perfect guy ;D


  8. Happy Friday! Just stopping by, great picks and I'm familiar with most of them.
    Have a Great Weekend

  9. Hey Jen! Happy Friday! Have a great weekend :)

  10. Very fun! I just got to the part in City of Bones that they find out they are siblings. AHHHH! I didnt see it coming.

    Here is my answer: Follow Friday

  11. Hey, New follower here. I came by for Follow Friday and I'm sure I'll be back lots!

    Feel free to come by and return the love anytime :)

    Just 1 Writer

  12. Fun choices! I've seen Four on a couple of blogs... makes me think I'll have to get my hands on Divergent.
    Old follower, just hopping by. :) Happy Friday.
    kathy from
    Read This Instead

  13. Oh, I always liked Dr. Cullen! Nice choice. And oh, there's Jace again! Still have to read TMI...

    Old follower! My FF can be found here!

    Rebecca @ kindle fever

  14. I’ve met so many great people via the Book Book Blogger Con at Book Expo America I honestly can’t come up with a single name of a book blogger I want to meet but haven’t yet!

    I’m heading back to BBC @ BEA. I hope to see you there!

    Hop on by my blog and just say hi –

    Howard Sherman

  15. Hi! I just hopped over to read and follow!

  16. BAHAHA!!! "who cares? we could adopt" & Edtard?! ohmgee!! Haha!! you are HILARIOUS!!! Seriously though...why does Dr.Cullen get left out? the man is fine!

  17. I want to meet Texas bloggers too! I'm not a YA blogger though. I'm rather eclectic, but read very few YA.

  18. Old FOllower here, I just love your blog :D

    - Kylie

  19. Happy Follow Friday! I am a follower! Hope you will stop by

    Emma Michaels

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  21. Thanks for introducing a new meme to me, I hopped on in.:-)