Jul 23, 2011

Fan Favorites - Supernaturally by Kiersten White

I'm lucky to have Kiersten White, author of Paranormalcy and Supernaturally on the blog today! Sit back, and find out what her some of her favorite fan moments are!  

First, let it be said: I have freaking awesome fans. Or, as Evie would put it, they all bleeping rock.

That's one of the funnest things about being published--you get to share these characters and stories that previously only existed inside your head. And when other people respond to them and love them just like you do? It's blissfully surreal.

So, while I love every email and tweet and Facebook note, there are two things that have stuck out as being rather jaw-droppingly amazing. (Someone did recently write a song about Lish and Evie, but I've yet to hear it so I can't include it.) (Yeah, umm, SOMEONE WROTE A SONG ABOUT MY CHARACTERS. HOW COOL/WEIRD IS MY LIFE?)

First, when I had a contest pre-Paranormalcy release, one of my best friend's moms, Kim Walus (who is a professional quilter), made this:

She'd asked my friend (Natalie Whipple, my critique partner and author of the upcoming TRANSPARENT) details from the book and put so many personal touches. This quilt makes my heart happy. It's hanging in my office as a reminder that a) dreams come true and b) people are amazing.

Another thing I love is getting actual letters. In this world of instant-communication, it's rare and way more personal to receive a letter. One such came from twelve-year-old Cori, who wrote to tell me how Paranormalcy changed the way she looked at and interacted with the world. Knowing that my book had impacted her entire life was very humbling! Aside from the sheer holy cow factor of that, though, Cori included a sentence that still makes me laugh every time I think of it. She said,

"I wanted to step into your book and punch Vivian's fiery face until she cried."

You and me both, Cori. You and me both.

I think it sums up exactly what is so amazing about hearing from readers: that passionate involvement in the story that I thought only belonged to me? It's theirs now. And that is the coolest thing of all.

Thank you, Kiersten! 

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