Jun 7, 2011

Hourglass - Interview With Myra McEntire

I could not be more excited about having the lovely Myra McEntire at the blog today! If you haven't had a chance to read HOURGLASS yet, then make sure you set aside some time. If you have the ARC and haven't read it...shame, shame! Don't you know people would pay cold hard cash for that thing!? If you want to read my review, you can find it HERE

You live in Nashville with a house full of cute boys, are there cowboy boots laying around everywhere and Garth Brooks playing in the background at all times?
Sadly, I am NOT a country music fan. At all. And my cute husband makes me listen to Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean (totally saw him at Target once) and others. And I make him listen to Snoop.

You boast that you know the words to every R&B song out there. So....what are a few of your fave's?
(Insane in the Brain by Cypress Hill is on Em's playlist.) I am a fan of Usher, Drake, Nicky Minaj (my agent actually just sent me a Nicky Minaj video for a dance break!), but I also love soul, like Otis Redding; jazz, like Miles Davis; and then The Black Keys and Adele. HOLY CRAP do I love Adele.

Mary Pearson, THE ADORATION OF JENNA FOX, wants to know a little about your writing routine. (She really did ask - Twitter is magic)
*falls over* *picks self up* *regains composure*
If you're talking day to day, it's crazy. There are little people in my house who don't like to wear pants, but do like trying to set the cats on fire. (As a matter of fact, I had to stop answering this question to go break up a dispute over GoGos.) So I write when The Husband gets home.

If you're talking big picture, I brainstorm in spiral notebooks, heavily in the beginning and then whenever I run into problems. I wrote the sequel to HOURGLASS in Scrivener, and I loved it. Breaking up the scenes and moving them around without having to search through a Word doc was BOSS. I don't think I can long term edit in Scrivener though.

HOURGLASS is your debut novel, how long has the road to publication been?
About five years ago I was on the General Jackson (a dinner cruise, even) with some girls I didn't know very well. We did a round table question thingy, and one of them asked, "What did you want to be more than anything when you were a kid?" It started a spark, and HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS fanned it to a flame.

What came first - plot, character, or scene?
Michael, actually. He was in a couple of other stories. But once Em started talking ... I love that (fictional) kid.

Emerson sees people that she shouldn't see and the opening scene was hilarious! How did you get the idea of ghosts + time travel x heart flutters = winner?
I wrote the first five pages, wherein our heroine meets a man who shouldn't know her name. That was supposed to be it, a prompt for a writing group. And then Em started talking. (See above.)

What was the most difficult scene to write? Most rewarding?
The conversation in the very last chapter was actually a scene around the plot climax for a long time. I wrote it in a coffee shop and cried. So it was both.

Can you share anything about book two?
So. Hot.

Please for the love of Pete, are you coming to TX this year? *crosses fingers*
I WANT TO COME TO TEXAS! *packs kerchief* *puts on stick* *starts walking*

Thank you!!

You can find Myra at her website, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.
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Giveaway time! Because Myra rox my sox off, she is offering a finished copy and signed poster - one prize for two winners! *hip-hip-hooray* There are extra entries available for spreading the word. Be sure to leave me links and pretend to add it all up correctly.

*If you could go back in time, where would you go and why?*

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  1. If I could go back in time, I would go back to Woodstock!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVED Hourglass. And book 2 is SO HOT?? WOW.

  3. ACccckk! I cannot wait for book two, I loved Hourglass so much, it was amazing. Awesome interview! Adele is amazing, I love her too.

  4. This was such a fun interview. I definitely love it when an author talks about the music that they like and what helped inspire them to write. ::warm fuzzy feelings:: lol

    Also, what.a.fantastic.tease. for the next book.

    I think 'SO HOT' about has me SOLD. hehe

    Lisa @ Fic Talk

  5. I've read a lot about the French Revolution this year. That's the period I would go back to. For like a day. It's too terrifying to stay much longer.

  6. Maybe this is stupid, but if I could go back in time, I don't think that I would go to a place and time I've never been before. I'd rather go back 11 years from now, when I was turning eight years old. That was a good year. I've really been missing my dad and Nsync, so why now go back to a time period where I had both?

  7. I would go back to the 1950's. Just seems extra whimsy and Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, and Johnny Cash were all becoming huge around that time.

  8. Love the interview!

    I would go back to eighteenth-century Germany - there were some great musicians (like Bach) that (as an organist) I would love to meet!

  9. Wonderful interview! :)

    I would go back the time Jane Austen began writing, and I would stalk her! Haha, not really... but I would really love to meet her!

  10. I would go back to the medieval times because A) I want to see the knights, and B) I love the princes! (I just hope that the smell isn't as bad as I think it would be. :)

  11. she is so funny! great interview.
    if I could go back in time I would go back to high school. not so much that I have regrets, or my life sucks now, blah blah blah. cause I really love my life. I just really enjoyed my time with my friends back in high school...some 14 yrs ago *smh*

  12. I want to go back to the Renaissance for a day to wear heavy garments and eat turkey leg while watching jousting.

  13. Loved the review- and Myra is a hoot. Hourglass peaked my interest long ago because of the cover, but now I simply must read!!!

  14. If I could go back in time I think I would go all the way back. How epic would it be to see how the world actually came to be?

  15. If i could back in time I would go back to six months before i was born, so i can meet my grandfather (my mom's dad) before he died so i would go back to 1994....or i would go to the 80's becuase i know nothing about the 80's lol XD

    and the interview is just too funny ! i love it and i can't wait to read this book, and the secodn one when it comes out !

  16. This is such a fun interview!! Looking forward to reading the book : )
    I am passing along the Versatile Blogger award to you! Come by and pick it up : )

  17. If I could go back in time, I'd head to the Victorian era. I love those dresses!

  18. Thank you for having me! (((hugs))) LOVED your questions. If I do come to Texas, I'll bring bail money.

  19. If I could go back in time I would go back to when my grandma was still alive and visit with her more and tell her bye before the cancer took her to a better place.

  20. If I could go back in time it would be to the 80's because I think it could lead to interesting times....haha

  21. -If I could go back in time, I would probably go to when the world was just starting. I want to see how things came to be, and why. History books are nothing compared to the actual thing. :D


  22. This is odd that you ask this question because I was thinking about it the other day. I couldn't decide if I would do something "for the greater good", and go back to some time to figure out some unanswered question. Or if I would be selfish and go back to the renaissance to attend a masquerade ball (with synchronized dancing!) I haven't made up my mind yet.

  23. I would go back to right before losing my great grandma, because she died when I was very young and I can barely remember her.

  24. Whenever I think about going back in time I always want to go back before a certain disaster happened (like 9/11) so I can try my hardest to prevent it from happening.

  25. I would like to go back to Jane Austen's England. All the fancy dresses and stuff would be fun. Either that or something like King Arthur's time too. :o)

    Great interview, and thanks for the giveaway!

    Mickey @ imabookshark.blogspot.com

  26. If I could go back in time I would go back to high school and redo it so I could do better in all the things I messed up in!

  27. I'd want to go back in time to meet my ancestors who lived in Germany. I always hear stories, but it would be awesome to experience it.

    Loved the interview! Hoping to read Hourglass soon, have it on my to-read list


  28. I want to go back to the day I failed my Geometry project. I need an A in Geometry!

  29. To see an original performance of a Shakespeare play - one of the comedies.

  30. Wow, she lives in Nashville? I live in Nashville too!

    If I could go back in time, I would go to the Medieval times or the Renaissance period. I LOVE history!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. *If you could go back in time, where would you go and why?*
    I would go back to Tutor England in the time of the great king Henry and all his wives!


  32. If I could go back in time, i would go to a time that had most of the world filled of trees =)

  33. I would go back to the Wild Wild West. Setting out West with such hope and promise. And if you weren't killed by the Indians or caught something horrible and couldn't get medical attention, you might actually make something of yourself. To work with your hands making something for you and the generations to follow-- how rewarding. Women also had a greater importance, because it took all hands on deck to survive. And if I could be Doris Day in Calamity Jane, all the better.

  34. I would go back to Victorian-era London so that when I use my fake British accent, people wouldn't look at me like I was ridiculous. Plus, I would love all the dancing and the gowns and just the splendor of that time period.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  35. I've been majorly obsessed with the 50s since i was a child watching Happy Days. Poodle skirts, sock hops, ponytails, letter jackets, pompadours, especially the MUSIC.

  36. Sorry Jen! On the form I left my answer not my name :( But here's my answer again! And thanks for posting this interview!

    I'd want to go back and meet Cleopatra but hope she wouldn't be pissed that day and have me killed. Lol.

  37. The late 1890's in the Wild West.

    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  38. Myra is too pretty and these new debut authors need to be models or something....so beautiful =DDDDDD

    answer for book2...hahah "HOT" You are driving me crazy here! Need book 2 now! Can't wait to find out more about these characters =DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    Mystifying Paranormal Reviews

  39. oh, and forgot my answer to question.....Dude. I dunno. Oh! Back in time to those sexy highlanders LOL

    I'm seriously, They're hot! hahaha. Reading Highlander books makes me wanna go back in time b/c I would love to experience their world =DDDD

  40. I'll go back to when I was 17 and I'll tell me some things that may happend to me and find the ways to prevent them.