Aug 23, 2011

Book Release - Paradise by Jill S. Alexander (+Giveaway)

I was so happy to celebrate the release of Jill S. Alexander's book, Paradise this past weekend at Book People in Austin! I read Jill's first book, The Sweetheart of Prosper County, last year and thought it was adorable. When Paradise came around, I jumped to put it on tour. Now, here we are celebrating the release all of these months later.

We snacked on the most adorable cookies from Quack's Bakery and drank Dublin Dr. Pepper. Everything fit into the rock n roll theme from Paradise. Look how cute!

Steph & Jennifer D rockin' out!

As if that wasn't fun enough, we played BINGO! Who the H doesn't love Bingo? I do! Every time Jill would draw a card, she told us a little bit about her books and writing process. I learned so much and heard some really funny stories about growing up in a small town. 

Jennifer won a gift certificate to Book People

Jill gave away books from local authors (who were in attendance) as prizes to those who asked good questions. She was full of great ideas! Overall, it was a super fun afternoon and everyone laughed a lot. Did you know the original title of Prosper County was "A Hood Ornament In the No Jesus Parade?" Hilarious!!

 Jill and Jen

Jill was so sweet to sign some postcards and bookplates for me to giveaway! There are some cute bracelets for you too. So, there will be FIVE winners! Each will win one of each item. 

*giveaway closed*