Oct 6, 2011

Cover Reveal - Bitterblue (The Seven Realms AKA Graceling #3) by Kristin Cashore

Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore
May 1st, 2012 from Dial

I saw this on PW today and here is lo down:

The novel, which has an announced first printing of 200,000 copies and clocks in at a hefty 576 pages, picks up eight years after Graceling,with Bitterblue now 18 and the reigning queen of Monsea. Cashore says the story constitutes more of a companion than a strict sequel. Graceling fans, however, will likely be thrilled to learn that the heroine of that book – the different-colored-eyed Katsa – returns in Bitterblue, as does her lover, Po.

Other characters from Graceling appear, too, most notably (and unavoidably, since he is Bitterblue’s father), the nefarious King Leck, the only character who appears in both Graceling and Fire.

DIES! I love the bit about the three keys and my mind is spinning trying to figure out what it could mean. I asked about this at ALA and they said...."It's coming." That was all I needed to hear. I am a huge fan of Graceling. I came to the story late, just this year. I listened to it on full-cast audio and it was amazing. One of my favorite audios ever! I'll be running towards the Penguin booth on the first day of ALAMid12!

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