Oct 26, 2011

November Is Adopt an Indie Month - Giveaway Day #2

Welcome back for Day #2 of the Adopt an Indie Month Giveaway!

The great thing about reading is that there is a book out there for everyone! Humor, horror, or hot romance - books have it all. There are a ton of great titles out there that are not represented by the big publishing houses. Some people might feel that these books are of lower quality, but I hope you are not one of those people. Writers pour their heart and soul into their work and all they want is for someone to give their book a chance. A writer with the hundred thousand dollar contract feels the same way...

This week I will offer chances to win some terrific Indie books. They range in age range and genre, but most are young adult. Please visit the Goodreads page and the author site to learn more about these titles. Feel free to comment below if you recognize one of these great books.

Find out more information about Adopt An Indie Month HERE and read one soon next! I am featured on this page, stop by and wave.

If you missed Day 1's awesome books, bounce over HERE.

Giveaway #6
Ebook of P*TAG (PoetryTagTime) by Sylvia Vardel and Janet Wong

In this second PoetryTagTime anthology, P*TAG, 31 poets speak to the complicated lives of today's teens, with quirky, reflective, and soulful poems about love and longing, war and worry, tattoos, piercings, watching people, being watched, broken lives, luck, burping up kittens, and more. The list of contributors is a "who's who" of the best poets for young people, including YA poets and verse novelists Naomi Shihab Nye, Margarita Engle, Allan Wolf, Betsy Franco, Paul Janeczko, and Helen Frost, Newbery Honor winner Joyce Sidman, current Children's Poet Laureate J. Patrick Lewis, and poetry legend Lee Bennett Hopkins.

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Giveaway #7
Ebook of Shelby and Shauna Kitt and the Dimensional Holes by P.C.H. Marchesi

Shelby Kitt never gets lost. Shauna, his sister, never gets sick. As far as most people are concerned, the inseparable Kitt twins are odd 13-year-olds. No one, however - not even Shelby and Shauna - can guess how extraordinary they are until the vice consul of Miriax, a planet from another dimension, asks them to take part in a dangerous mission. From that moment on, Shelby and Shauna Kitt discover that the universe is full of klodians, cities in jungles, giant bats, and tea with mushrooms. Most of all, they discover that it will take more than special powers for them to face - and survive - the evil that threatens the galaxy.

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Giveaway #8 (10 copies)
Ebook of Grandma Hazel's Funny, Funny Kidz Jokebook by Rob Loughran

Why did the Siamese twins move to England?
The other one wanted to drive.

Why didn't the pony go to school?
Because he was a little horse.

What's the difference between a teacher and a train?
A teacher says, "Take that gum out of your mouth."
A train says, "Choo, Choo, Choo!"

School jokes, Animal jokes, Alien jokes, Sports jokes, Halloween jokes, Hospital jokes, Blonde jokes. Every kind of joke except stupid "knock-knock" jokes or stupid pictures to take up space!

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Giveaway #9 (5 copies)
Ebook of Loving Emily by Anne Pfeffer

Ryan Mills is torn with guilt over the death of his best friend, and it's all because of Emily Wintraub. If Ryan hadn't seen those incredible gray-blue eyes, hadn't pegged her as a Potentially Amazing Woman, he would never have gone looking for her at the party that night. He would never have left his wasted friend Michael alone, when Michael needed him and asked him to stay. And if Ryan hadn't left, Michael would never have driven off, totaled his car, and taken the cosmic rocket ride into death.

Ryan soon learns that Michael died with a secret. He decides he owes it to Michael to take on his unfinished business. When Emily begins to question where his commitments really lie—with her or with Michael’s memory—Ryan is forced to examine his choices. What does he owe to Michael, to Emily, and to himself?

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