Jan 10, 2012

Magic Of the Moonlight - Interview with author Ellen Schreiber

I'm happy to have Ellen Schreiber author of the Full Moon and Vampire Kisses series. Ellen will be on leg one of the Dark Days Tour. Be sure to look below for information on what Harper authors are coming your way. Texas, we have three stops! Be sure to help spread the word!

You were a stand-up comedian in a past life. Can you tell us a joke about your writing process or publishing journey?
I’m not sure how funny it is, but I submitted my book to HarperCollins and a few months later I got a letter back from my future editor. She said she was really interested in Teenage Mermaid and tried to call me but my line was busy. That was the time of dial up computers and I must have been online doing something totally lame like shopping on ebay. So here I was trying to order some trinket from China or Japan to keep me occupied while submitting my ms to HC and here they were trying to contact me! I still crack up when I think of it. :)

You write about vampires (Vampire Kisses series) and now werewolves (Full Moon sereis). Are you more comfortable writing with the paranormal in mind or is another contemporary itching to come out?
I do like writing about the paranormal--it’s all so mysterious. But I also like writing about contemporary  times, with a twist. Something that makes it special and interesting to read about. I’m thinking maybe a thriller or something scary.

A complicated romance, such as Celeste and Brandon's, is appealing for teens. Do you think love is all you need (even at a young age?) 
No. I think it is very important for girls to be their own person--have their own interests and opinions. That’s why I like to write about strong females. Celeste had her own interests in the outdoors, volunteering, and doing well in school. Brandon compliments what she already feels, thinks, and experiences.

Brandon is a werewolf and looking for a cure. If the cure incorporated some of your favorite things, what would the cure be?
My favorite things? Hello Kitty, French Fries, scary movies and shopping. I’m not sure if that would cure a werewolf, but it sure makes me happy. :)

You are pretty lucky in the book cover art department! What are a few of your favorites? 
Yes, I’ve been very lucky with my covers. HC has amazing people in their art department. I really love them all. But I do love Vampire Kisses, Once in a Full Moon, and The Coffin Club.
What is the most difficult question you have been asked while on tour?
Who would you like to play Alexander and Raven if there was a movie. I always envisioned a young Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci. And I haven’t seen an actor that I see as Alexander for awhile. They keep growing up!

If one of your characters could make a cameo in any other novel, which character and which story would they appear in?
I think it would be cool for Brandon from Once In a Full Moon to meet Alexander in Vampire Kisses.  I think they could be good friends. Or Jameson showing up in  Once In a Full Moon  . I love that creepy man. :)

Has anyone ever told you that you look a little like Fran Drescher? (total compliment!)
For the longest time, people told me I laugh like her. I’m not sure how people felt about that. But I think she is fabulous--so any resemblance to her of any kind is a compliment to me.

What are you currently working on?
I’m writing Full Moon 3, reading a first pass galley on VK9--Immortal Hearts and thinking about my next book after that. :)

Thank you, Ellen and have a great time on tour!

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