Jun 19, 2012

Review: Timepiece by Myra McEntire (+Giveaway)

Timepiece (Hourlglass #2) by Myra McEntire
June 12th, 2012 from Egmont

Things pick up pretty much where Hourglass left off. There is one giant difference in this story - it is told from Kaleb's point of view. You remember Kaleb. He fell for Emerson, he can read emotions, his dad needed some major assistance in book one, and his mother has basically had her memory wiped. We meet him when he is just about at his lowest point. Drinking, girls, running away form his feelings - he does it all. Emerson and Michael grow tiresome of his antics, but they understand his hurt. Personally, I liked his point of view. It allowed us to know him better and to see what makes him tick. I'll be anxious to know what POV book three is from. Lily's?

The story opens up with a huge, gut-wrenching event and I thanked my lucky stars that time went back (or forward) and everything was okay. Vague? Yes, but you need to read for yourself. This event leads the gang on a hunt for a time jumping freak named Jack, and they can't figure out how or why he's traveling through time. Every time he pops up, all hell breaks loose and people start disappearing. Literally. For a few minutes, permanently, it varies. The mystery surrounding Jack's wild intentions is what drives the book. Well, that and Kaleb's emotional roller coaster and love interest. That's right, love! I was so happy that things turn around for him. I just wanted something to go right for the guy.

Emerson and Michael are right with us the whole time. We see their relationship grow through Kaleb's sometimes jealous eyes. The group works together to solve the time traveling mystery and just when things come to a close...another jaw dropper! A warning and a collapse are what close this story out. Darn you, McEntire! *shakes fists*

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