Aug 29, 2012

Review: Hidden (Firelight #3) by Sophie Jordan

Hidden (Firelight #3) by Sophie Jordan
September 11th, 2012 from HarperTeen

Jacinda was supposed to bond with Cassian, the "prince" of their pride. But she resisted long before she fell in love with Will—a human and, worse, a hunter. When she ran away with Will, it ended in disaster, with Cassian's sister, Miram, captured. Weighed down by guilt, Jacinda knows she must rescue her to set things right. Yet to do so she will have to venture deep into the heart of enemy territory.

The only way Jacinda can reach Miram is by posing as a prisoner herself, though once she assumes that disguise, things quickly spiral out of her control. As she learns more about her captors, she realizes that even if Will and Cassian can carry out their part of the plan, there's no guarantee they'll all make it out alive. But what Jacinda never could have foreseen is that escaping would be only the beginning....

Can you see the tear silently fall from my eye from where you're sitting? No? Well, it's there. Trust me. This is one series where me and my now thirteen-year old fought over. Each time we got an early copy, we fought over who would read first. For the record, I lost every time. There aren't many books where we see eye to eye, let alone an entire series. 

So, here we are at the end of a fantastic trilogy and I don't want to spoil anything for anyone. Jacinda continues to struggle with her role in the pride and the constant tug in her heart to follow a different path. Jacinda also struggles with her family. Her relationship with her sister has evolved so many times, true to life. These girls are best friends, then fight over a boy, then have nothing to do with each other before coming back together again. I loved watching these two define their relationship over time. There is a ton of action in this final book. Jacinda and others delve into enemy territory and things don't exactly go according to plan. My heart raced a thousand times from the chases, fights, and all of the other surprises. Speaking of surprises, we meet a new draki. Nope, not who you are thinking of, but someone special to say the least!  I was satisfied when all of the loose ends tie up and the final page was read. 

All in all, a fantastic series! I am honestly sorry to see it all end. Each book held a candle to the one before it, and I will continue to recommend this series for contemp lovers who want a kick of fantasy. 

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