Sep 19, 2012

Review & Guest Post: Audition & Subtraction by Amy Fellner Dominy

Audition & Subtraction by Amy Fellner Dominy
September 4th, 2012 from

For as long as Tatum can remember it’s been: Tatum + Lori = Best friends

They do everything together, including a yearly clarinet/flute duet for District Honor Band auditions. But when a new boy transfers to their middle school and their band, the equation suddenly changes to: Lori + Michael – Tatum = One happy couple

With her best friend slipping away and her parents recently separated, Tatum’s life has turned upside down. Plus her good friend Aaron thinks that they are secretly boyfriend and girlfriend, all because of one little lie Tatum told. Accepting change isn’t easy for Tatum, but just how much is she willing to give up to hold on to her friendship with Lori and life as she knows it? For Tatum, the best way to move forward may require a whole new formula . . .

This is a book every band geek will enjoy! I say that with love.... When hottie Michael moves in to town, shy Tatum is determined to not let this boy come in between her and her BFF Lori. Lori on the other hand, is knee deep in her first relationship. Throw in a fight to the death band competition - well, almost - and you have a fun middle grade that tests the lines of friendships.

I am excited to have Amy at the blog today chatting about her worst school picture. Let's face it, we ALL have one floating around. Amy is brave enough to share her picture so I am too! 


You know that expression Hope Springs Eternal? That could have been written about me on School Picture Day.

Each year, I’d wake up hopeful that this was the year I’d take a great picture. I debated for long hours over “glasses or no glasses.” (Usually, I picked whatever I hadn’t done the year before.)

I deliberated over my wardrobe and because I had zero fashion sense, I usually decided on something hideous like pink pants or a shirt with puffy sleeves. (These are items that belonged in NO closet much less in the halls of junior high on School Picture Day.)

But there you have it. I even carried a mirror and I practiced my smile while I waited my turn.

The cool part of it all was I felt beautiful when I posed for those pictures. Even with my bushy hair, crooked teeth, thick glasses and bargain basement clothes. Here, for an example, is my 8th grade picture. (Collared
shirt and a turtleneck…together?)

Today, it just makes me smile to think back to it. My school pictures, as bad as they are, are all dear to me now. They’re markers of my growth. The me I was, who thought I had the potential to be a hottie. Obviously, I had a rich fantasy life even back then. And, of course, Hope Springs Eternal.

What about you? Picture horror stories? Or were you a marvel of photogenic beauty? Be sure to leave a comment and earn as many entries as you can for your chance to win a Prize Pack.

Since you asked, Amy, here is mine! This was my 8th grade graduation photo. The day before the entire class went to Marriott's Great America (giant amusement park in California) for the class trip. As you can tell, I didn't wear sunscreen that day. A little fun fact: my mother had to sew lace straps on my dress because my very strict slash conservative father threw a conniption when I purchased a strapless dress! The horror!  It went below my knees, for heavens sake. Ps, they totally went all out on the decor, right?

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