Oct 19, 2012

Sneak Peek - Texas Library Association in Ft. Worth- April 24-27

It's that time of year again! TLA puts out the preliminary schedule of sessions and I drool over the amazing lineup they have. I got a sneak peek this summer for the YART sessions, but now it's real. REAL! So, let's take a look at who is joining us at TLA in April. Oh, and come see me Wednesday at 2pm - Blogging & Social Media: Best Practices For Serving Youth.

General Session - everybody scream together!!


Kidlit authors I look forward to:

AND that's not all. The list goes on and on! FULL LIST HERE in upper right hand corner. School Libraries will have the authors listed. 

*insert disclaimer*
In the past, there have been a few authors that did not sign downstairs with the crowd. I will be asking if Gaiman and Lowry will be downstairs. Hope to see you in Fort Worth next April!