Nov 6, 2012

Lies That Bind by Lisa & Laura Roecker: Top Ten Stupid Mistakes Villains Make (+Giveaway)

I am thrilled to have Lisa and Laura Roecker on the blog today sharing the Top Ten Stupid Mistakes Villains Make! I was, and still am, a fan of The Liar Society that came out in May of 2011! Read my review HERE and be sure to get started on the series. Also, the Roecker's were kind enough to donate copies of their book for our Austin Children's Shelter book collection last year - lovely gals! 

Top Ten Stupid Mistakes Villains Make: Kate dissects and lists the mindless mistakes that Pemberly Brown’s secret societies make while attempting to sneak around the campus.

10. Leave doors/windows/cars/lockers OPEN. Villains are busy people. Or perhaps they were raised in a barn. Either way, if the door’s open, I’m going in. Don’t mind if I do…

9. Loud talkers. Villains missed the day of preschool when the teachers reviewed inside voices. Plus, voices carry in those tunnels. I don’t even have to put my ear to the hatch!

8. Lose their cool around girls. I’m not proud of it, but sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do and sometimes that means showing a little skin. I’ve gotten entire secret maps of Pemberly Brown by merely 
unbuttoning one button.

7. Carry baggage. Student files are fascinating. And often thick. My best friend works in the office. What do you expect?

6. Hang with the wrong crowd. Be careful who you trust, bad guys. Who knows, they might even be worse than you.

5. Perform not-so-secret ceremonies in not-so-private places. The clock tower again? Really? How have you not seen me crouched behind these low shrubs?

4. Have no respect for property, even if it is a dilapidated building of Brown. Lists of names on walls? Check.

3. Twirling moustaches. Whenever I have a doubt over who the real bad guy is, I can usually identify them by their telltale mustache. Thanks Headmaster Sinclair!

2. Forming secret societies. Um, guys, hate to break it to you, but NOTHING stays secret at Pemberly Brown. At least not while I'm around.

1. Messing with my friends. I might not be the most popular girl in school and I'm definitely not the toughest (Bethany, I'm looking at you), but you mess with my friends and I will throw down. Justice is tough to find at Pemberly Brown, but I won't rest until I find it.

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  1. wow, beautiful post :D thanks for the giveaway!

  2. What a great list! I'll have to keep it in mind ;). Can't wait for book 2 :D

  3. Love the top 10 list! I haven't read any books from these ladies yet! I need to get them on my TBR list!

  4. I am a new follower to your blog, I am really enjoying it.

  5. That Top 10 is absolutely perfect! I'm super excited for book 2, I wasn't sure there was going to be another one until just a short time ago. Thank you so much for the fabulous post and also for hosting the giveaway!

    You rock.


  6. Evil twirling mustaches are a sure fire way to spot a villain! I love the list; it's always good to have a place to refer back to when spotting the horrible mistakes of villains! I can't wait to read this! I loved Book 1 so much, I'm sure to love Book 2!

    Thanks for the post and giveaway!


  7. This was such a fun post! Some of these were way to funny like the twirling mustaches. And, I would make such a bad villain because I'm such a loud speaker. Thanks for the giveaway!