Dec 11, 2012

Review: Forever by Judy Blume

Forever by Judy Blume
1975 from Pan Childrens

It's official - I'm literally the last librarian on earth to read this book. I've meant to, I really have! When the new covers were reissued, I knew I needed to finally jump on board. I decided to read the original 1975 version and was surprised that there weren't that many dated sayings and lingo. I didn't even hear the word groovy one time!

Katherine and Michael fall for each other pretty fast - they hold hands just minutes after he asks her to go for a car ride - and when Michael is ready to have sex, Katherine just isn't ready. Eventually, the two have quite an affair and they pledge their love for each other, for life. Teenage pregnancy and even homosexuality is touched on and by the end of the story, I can see why it has stood the test of time. Love is universal. I can see why this story twisted people's panties (pun intended). I really do think Katherine was pressured into sex even though we are led to believe she wasn't. Snide remarks, always bringing up the subject of sex is pressuring. Period. I also thought the ending was really super rushed. All of a sudden we were moving on. Regardless, glad I read and I wonder if in 100 years teens will still be picking up this book.

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I love this interview about how Forever came to be.


  1. Haha, I bet that you're not the last librarian on earth to read this one. Think of all the future librarians that haven't read it! (:

    I did think that it was a little bit rushed, but the message was perfect, and I do understand why people were so scared of letting their teens read it--a lot of taboo subjects (for that time) were touched upon. (:

    Terrific review, Jen! (:

    Megan@The Book Babe

  2. I wonder if this book will still be read in 100 years-it might seem hopelessly outdated with its lack of technology...I remember not being very shocked by it when I read it at 14 (or so).

  3. This is actually one I haven't read. Sounds interesting though. I read all the Judy Blume I could when I was a kid.

  4. gawd i loved this book so much when i first read it. i was in the 5th grade and didn't fully understand everything ...

    it's interesting that you think that she was pressured into it, i didn't get when i first read it... will have to read it again.

  5. I loved this book so much. So many of Judy's books have that timeless quality, because the themes she does so well never really stop mattering.