Apr 1, 2014

#yalove Lit Chat - Books to Movies, Thursday, April 3rd, 7pm CST

Update: here are the archived tweets from our chat in case you couldn't join us!

This Thursday I am co-hosting the #yalove twitter chat with Dayna Mellberg and our topic is Book to Movies, something we all have an opinion about! Participating is super easy and we're okay if you just eavesdrop too. Search for us using #yalove on Twitter and jump in anytime just be sure to use the hashtag so we can respond or RT. Find us at @jenbigheart and @dayreads. Here's what we hope to cover in just 30 minutes:

Best overall book to movie
Book you'd love to see a movie
The book is optioned, where is the darn movie?
Best character brought to real life
The character missed the most (cut out or cut short from movie)
Best movie ending that is notably different from the book
Upcoming movies in production we hope they pull off

We will not be focusing on the "Worst Of" even though we all have prime examples because we'd like to keep the chats positive and we all know all too often the author doesn't get a vote or say in the outcome. Everything will be up for discussion, we just won't ask those questions outright.

If you think of other questions we could ask, shoot them our way in the comments below! Want to check out our archived chats? Of course you do, they're HERE.