May 12, 2014

Event: John Green and the Cast of The Fault In Our Stars

I can't tell you how much of a lucky duck I am! Last Friday my youngest (pictured below) and I made the three hour trip up to Dallas to be one of a thousand people to see the cast of The Fault In Our Stars (Ansel Elgot, Nat Wolff, and Shailene Woodley) and the author John Green. I was fortunate enough to score VIP tickets that meant I did not have to wait in line. #thankdog THE LINE WAS INSANE and I can't tell you how happy I was not to wait in the Texas sun! The crowd cheered every time a news crew came by and they had the most amazing posters and signs. It was such a site!

We made our way in and I was literally cheering over being dead front and center. I can't tell you how many standing room only events/concerts I've been to when I was behind a guy who is six feet tall - it's the Land of the Giants out there, I swear! When John Green made his way out the introduced the cast it was controlled pandemonium. I've never heard so many people screaming in my life. We stood next to two teenage guys who were losing their mind over everything and it was crazy adorable to see and hear! 

For more videos go HERE
After the event we got the word we'd be able to meet John and that's when my kid lost her mind. Here are my favorite photos! Thank you to Penguin for the amazing opportunity! 
Booksellers from Texas (and a librarian)

It was a quick 1.5 hours, but so worth the six hour drive. It was amazing to see parents and kids together AND ALL BECAUSE OF A BOOK! The cast and John were so humbled with each other and they complimented each other's talents and gifts the entire time. I have never heard the word "Awe" so much in my entire life. It was quite a day!