Oct 21, 2010

Demonglass Cover Reveal (Hex Hall)

WOWOWOWOW are my thoughts. She looks BA in black! What do you all think??

Check out Rachel Hawkins on her blog! We have the same blog and I didn't know it until today!

~Happy Reading!


  1. Is this the one you asked me to keep an eye out for in Albuquerque? Helpful to see the cover :-).

  2. Yes! This is the book, but the ARC is just plain black. This cover will be on the hardback version.

  3. The cover is gorgeous. I am not going to lie.. I wasn't really a fan of the cover for Hex Hall, but for some reason I like this one more. Maybe its the colors? lol

  4. This book is getting so much press this week!!! It's making it sooo hard to wait till March!