Nov 19, 2010

The Book Blogger Hop (6)

The Book Blogger Hop is a weekly event hosted by Jennifer at Crazy for Books and runs from Friday to Sunday. The Hop is a fantastic way to get your blog noticed, and visit some other blogs that you didn't know about before. Head over and sign up and see what you can find!

Each week a different question will be added to the hop in order for conversations to occur, and for your followers to get to know you better. Here we go!

"Since Thanksgiving is coming up next week, let's use this week's Hop to 
share what we are most thankful for and what our holiday traditions are!"

Absolutely, 100% thankful for the health of my husband and girls! We were in a very scary rollover accident in October of 2008 and I thank God everyday that we made it out okay. Very cliche, but the accident changed my life. I enrolled in library school 2 months later and made my dream of being a librarian come true. Crazy what has to happen to make you open your eyes and get busy with life.

Follow Friday is hosted by the lovely Rachel at Parajunkee's View. Here is her question:

"How long have you been book blogging?"

Some of you may already know, but I started this blog in the summer of 2009 as part of my MLS degree. That's library talk! I had to blog about search strategies and book reviews. My early book reviews from 2009 are not tagged, but they are back there! So, I graduated in the summer of 2010 and have been blogging away since then. It's been hot and heavy around here since late August. ;)  

Leave me your answer and I will find you!

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Happy Reading! 


  1. Woah, that is one smashed up car. I'd bet an accident like that would change everyone's life. Glad you and your family are okay!

  2. Yikes, that must have been so scary. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

  3. OH wow so glad you're all okay. I can't even imagine how scary that was for you.


  4. Hi Jen! That is a very scary picture, I'm so glad you and your family were able to walk away relatively unscathed. I'm an old follower, I just wanted to say hi and have a great weekend!

  5. Jen,

    That is so scary! Something like that happened to my friend's siblings recently. They got hit on the highway by a tractor-trailer! Thank goodness they were alright. I'm glad you didn't get hurt.

    Congrats on striving for your dreams!


  6. Thx guys! Hubbie was air lifted to hospital with severally dislocated shoulder (surgery later) and daughter #2 had an ocular break. BUT, we are all okay now. We are very blessed!

  7. The picture is terrifying. It does make me appreciate all the things I take for granted every day. Thank God you all made it!

  8. Just hopping around. I am now a follower. That is absolutely terrifying, Im so glad your family was ok

  9. Hopping through. What a lucky and blessed family you have. Glad everything was okay.
    My Hop

  10. I work at a children's hospital. After seeing that horrific picture of your munched vehicle, I totally agree with what you chose to be thankful for. Many, many times people don't end up so fortunate! :-)

  11. Omg! What a horrific picture. I'm glad everyone is okay. Awesome on being a librarian! I always thought it would be fun to work in a library or bookstore. Have a great Thanksgiving. I'm a new follower :)

  12. Girl, that car is crushed! So very thankful yall were all okay!