Nov 18, 2010

Q&A with Ally Condie & Giveaway Updates

As many of you are probably already know, I fell in love with MATCHED over the summer! This book literally blew me away. I so needed a good book after a few doozies. Ally was sweet enough to answer a few fun questions for us!

Your pen name used to be Allyson Braithwaite Condie - why the change to Ally Condie?
*Actually, I wrote another book in 2008 (Freshman for President) under the name Ally Condie as well. (I go by "Ally" rather than "Allyson" in real life.) We decided to do this back then because that book was a national market title instead of an LDS fiction title, so we wanted to differentiate between the two. When the name issue came up for MATCHED, it made sense to go with the name that I'd used on my other national market book. And, "Ally Condie" looks much more streamlined on that gorgeous, spare cover! :)

Cassia is an interesting name Where did it come from?
*My sister Elaine is the one who found the name Cassia for me. It's a perfect name because it's classical and unusual and has a botanical element to it (which I loved, as that has significance in the book). 

In MATCHED, people are allowed to own one artifact. What would yours be?
*Definitely my engagement ring. My husband is such a sweetheart and he bought it for me when he was flat broke and had very little money at all. It means a lot to me.

What job would you be given if you worked in the City?
*I definitely wouldn't be a sorter--I am horrible with numbers and math! I'd probably be a teacher (that's what I used to do before I started writing). Or maybe I'd work in the Arboretum like Cassia's mother.

When you were 17, who did you want to be matched with? 
*Ooh. Probably Christians Bale or Slater. Those two actors were very high on my crush list back then! 

Thanks Ally!
*Thanks for the very fun questions, Jen! :)

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Happy Reading.