Dec 4, 2010

Feeling a Little JENerous Giveaway!

I have been cleaning out closets and caves, and going through shelves and boxes in preparation for the Texas Book Blogger Holiday Party (which was awesome - future post to come) and came across a surprise. I have an extra paperback copy of Twenty Boy Summer that was personalized to me, Jen. Because I am feeling so JENerous, I am giving it away! You can be named Jennifer OR know someone who would love this book  that shares my name. There are a gazillions of us laying around, so I thought the odds were good that this book would fall into a Jen, Jenny, or Jennifer's hands.

Contest Rules
EVERYONE can enter
US only please
Must be a follower
Contest ends at midnight CST, December 11th
Winner will be chosen using
Must fill out form below to be officially entered
Good luck!

Enter in my Holiday Gift Giveaway HERE Contest ends tomorrow!

*Giveaway closed*


  1. My fave jen is 'jenny'. My cousins name is jennifer but i like jenny.

  2. I like Jen. I have a cousin named Jennifer also, but they call her Jen. :)

  3. I was kinda thinking along the lines of real or fictional people named Jennifer. I'll count your posts tho! ;)

  4. I like Jen, too. I always prefer short nicknames:)

  5. I have a former mentee teacher named Jennie. I love her! She and I worked together for one school year before she went to teach at another school. Years later, we still keep in touch and get together to talk about books and plan lessons. I call her "Little Jennie" and my husband calls her "Jennie from the Block." Not very original, but cute nonetheless!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. DeRaps has the right idea! I want to know who your favorite JEN is! Great story BTW...

    I was named after my dads horse, Jenny. My mother says I was named after a famous actress named Jennifer ?, but I know she's fibbing. I'm not sure who my favorite Jen is...I'm thinking about it.

  7. I had a best friend in high school named "Jenny" spelled differently though, "JENNE". Anyways, my favorite Jen now is a gal at work, she's a real hoot!

  8. One of my close friends is named Jennifer, and of course I absolutely adore her =)

  9. Of course my favorite is Jenny of the 867-5309 fame!

  10. I once read a book with a charcter named Jen (alothough I can't remembe which book), but she was definitely one of my fav characters. ^_^

  11. My favorite JEN is my friend Jenni (I love how she spells that too). She has been through so much this past year, battling cancer, and she is constantly an inspiration.

    If she can get through that and our English Ed. program she can do anything!

  12. I have a friend who goes by Jenny and I have a cousin who goes by Jennifer. Love them both!