Dec 3, 2010

Good News Friday

When I used to substitute a leadership course a few years ago, we would go around the room and share good news on Friday. It allowed the kids to brag about a new video game they bought or share exciting news from home. This is something I would love to do with you all. Every Friday I would love to hear your good news. Whether your excited for the weekend or you got a promotion at work...I want to hear it. I planned this earlier in the week and I was going to share news about my daughter heading to the western district championship games in Corpus Christi today for her soccer team, but I have more....

I woke up to an email saying a feature I wrote was published in Children & Libraries: the Journal of the Association for Library Service to Children! I was jumping up and down! Even though this isn't ground breaking youth programming, I am so excited to be a very small part in this wonderful journal and association. All youth librarians should become members too ALSC. Here is my feature:

Top Ten Reasons Why the Library is a Great Place to Hang Out

10. To get a free book mark
 9.  Because your friends hang out there too!
 8.  So you can listen to babies cry at random all day long.
 7.  You can read Dr. Seuss at any age without being judged.
 6.  The librarian always knows what time it is.
 5.  Because hanging out at McDonald's isn't as cool.
 4.  To watch returned items slide down the book drop slide.
 3. So you can visit that special, quiet corner that is perfect for reading.
 2. What other venue gives everyone a chance to practice the Dewey Decimal System?
 1. Who doesn't like that new book smell?

So there you have it, my little feature in The Dog-Eared Page and my first Good News post! I hope you all share your good news with me. Brag on your kids, your pets or your significant others. This world is full of Debbie-Downers (take a look at Facebook recently?), and I would love to hear something that made you smile.

Happy Reading!