Dec 15, 2010

Texas Book Blogger Holiday Party...was Bieber*ific!

I have been a very bad blogger! I completely forgot to tell everyone about our *epic* Texas Book Blogger Holiday Party. I was reading everyone else's Tweets, posts, and videos so it made me feel like I did. Oops...

The whole purpose of getting together was twofold, swapping books and donating to a great cause. Texas is a big state, and even though a lot of us Lonestars talk on Twitter and meet up during book signings, we wanted a night for just us. We talked shop - best and worst of 2010 - and we fought over books. Well, one book in particular. I think you will see the spat it in the video below.

So, here is how our night went....

Fun right?! We had a big slumber party and collected around 65 books for donation to an Austin women's shelter! We hope to have another get together in the spring. So, if you blog from Texas, let me know! We are also all getting together for TLA in April. I wrote a little post about it HERE. Since the party we have also started a group called, Literary Lonestars. The LL's are committed to keeping Texans informed about all things literary in children's and YA literature. We hope you come join us even if you aren't from these parts. It's nice to know who is on tour and find out the latest news in publishing in one spot. Find us HERE

Happy Reading!