Apr 11, 2011

Cover Reveal - The Wood Queen (The Iron Witch #2) by Karen Mahoney


I heard from Karen today that the cover of The Wood Queen got a slightly new look! She explained on her blog that they had a photo shoot with a model this time. Here is the new version with the old below... Just lovely, Karen! Congrats! 



The Wood Queen by Karen Mahoney
February 2012 by Flux

Two weeks after the events of The Iron Witch, reluctant alchemist-in-training, Donna Underwood, must face the consequences of her actions--actions that some believe make her a traitor.

At the same time, Donna’s iron tattoos are acting strangely and she experiences bleak visions filled with warnings of a coming darkness. When the Wood Queen steps into her life once more, it appears that Donna’s role in the centuries old war against the fey is very far from over--only this time it is her mother’s life that hangs in the balance...

I had the pleasure of peeking at the cover a teeny bit early and Karen was kind enough for a quick interview about the reveal:

Who is the genius behind the cover art?
The genius is Lisa Novak (http://www.lisanovakdesign.com/). She is seriously one of the nicest people in publishing, and I feel lucky to have her working on my covers.

What other book covers has that person worked on? Did they create the gorgeous cover of THE IRON WITCH?
Lisa is one of the regular Flux cover artists, and I'm happy to say that she worked on THE IRON WITCH too. There is a post that we collaborated on for Melissa Walker HERE, where Lisa talks in detail about how she created that cover. She also works freelance, and does some really interesting stuff.

*follow the link to the "alternate cover concepts"....very interesting! 

Using only one word, what was your first reaction when you saw the art work for THE WOOD QUEEN?
I'm sorry to be annoying, but there wasn't a single word: I actually burst into tears because I loved it so much. I was speechless. I didn't even have that reaction with THE IRON WITCH (which I love). I can't fully explain it, but there is something about THE WOOD QUEEN's cover that touches me - I think because it shows Donna growing in confidence, and is just so full of awesome Girl Power! :)

Did you have any input into the cover, make any suggestions?
Flux are great at giving their authors a chance to contribute, but to be honest I was happy with the ideas my editor - Brian Farrey - came up with. The only thing I said was that I'd like to see Donna looking more powerful this time, and that I definitely didn't want to see a model's face. Lisa took the concept Editor B suggested and gave it perfect form: this beautiful image depicts an actual scene from the book, and every part of it is just how I imagined it while I was writing it.

Thank you, Karen! 
Thanks, Jen!

If you look at the alternate covers for THE IRON WITCH (above), you will see one that looks a little bit reminiscent of the one today. I definitely prefer the versions with no face shown. I agree with Karen when she says that Donna has gained confidence in THE WOOD QUEEN. The cover shows a girl who is coming into her magic and owns who she is. I think that is a great message to send young readers.   

I hope you add THE WOOD QUEEN to your TBR pile and give THE IRON WITCH a try is you haven't already picked it up. Feel free to read my review of THE IRON WITCH HERE and a super interesting review with Karen HERE. Who knew she could read Tarot cards..??!! 

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