Apr 11, 2011

TLA - Texas Library Association

The Texas Library Association conference starts TODAY! If you can't tell, I am way excited about this. I have tweeted, Facebooked, and spread the word months, and here we are... I was fortunate enough to attend last year and had a great time. I scored some major books, signatures, and photos that will last a lifetime. Uh, hello Ms. Suzanne Collins! If you would like to read about my experience last year, go HERE.

So..this year the talent is off the chain! (do the kids still say that..?) I have been working hard with my two partners as part of the Local Area Committee. This year, we worked on the recruiting, assigning, and organizing the 65-75 volunteers it takes to run the authors area for three days. Whew....a lot of work, but a lot of rewards. Check out who will be here this year.

That is just a taste! Check out the list of authors below:

Jeff Abbott
Helen Adams
Susan Wittig Albert
Jill S. Alexander
Salima Alikhan
David S Alkek, M.D.
Crystal Allen
Mary Amato
Jessica Lee Anderson
Kathi Appelt
Jennifer Archer

Paolo Bacigalupi
Chris Barton
Josh Bazell
Cris Beam

Barbara Beery
Kelly Bennett

Jim Benton
Phil Bildner
Sarah Bird

Elizabeth Bluemle
Tonya Bolden
Michele Andrea Bowen
Tammy Bronson
Calef Brown/Lea Yancey
Ryan Brown

Michael Buckley
Leslie Bulion
Dori Hillestad Butler
Pam Calvert
Rachel Caine
Mary Casanova
Dixie Cash
Linda Castillo

Tera Lynn Childs
Cinda Williams Chima
Melanie Chrismer
Jane Claes/Janet Hillburn
Rosemary Clement-Moore
Sharon Coatney
Ally Condie
Rose Cook
Evada Cooper
Ilene Cooper
Jeff Crosby/Shelley Jackson
James Crowley

Jamie Lee Curtis
Jordan Dane
James Dashner
Diane Mott Davidson
David Davis
Dianne de Las Casas

Matt Dembicki
Ivy Devlin
Johnette Downing
Shirley Duke

Julia Durango
Simone Elkeles
Elizabeth Ellis
Dottie Enderle
Margarita Engle
Joy Fielding
Kristin Fontichiaro
Gayle Forman
Bruce Foster
Janet Fox
Marci Fuller
Marla Frazee
Helen Frost
Jack Gantos
Geronimo Garcia
Sherry Garland
Xavier Garza
Marita Gentry
Kristine O'Connell George
Denise Getson
Gail Giles
C. Kay Gooch/
Charlotte Massey

Jason Goodwin
CW Gordon
John Gosselink
Keith Graves
Melanie Hope Greenberg
Daniel Handler
Chook-Ok Jade Harmon/
Ana Maria Rodriguez
Suzanne Harper

Stephen Harrigan
Joe Hayes
Mitch Haynes
Jason Henderson
Kevin Henkes
Jim Hightower
William Hill
David E. Hilton

Will Hobbs
PJ Hoover
Anastasia Hopcus
Joyce Hostetter

James Howe
CC Hunter
Jim Ingram
Shelley Jackson
Christopher S. Jennings
Layne Johnson
Marian Jordan
Sophie Jordan

Jacqueline Jules
Deborah Kadair
Maira Kalman
Melissa Kantor
Doug Kennedy

Helen Ketteman
Viki Kind
M.G. King

Joe R. Lansdale
Hope Larson
Jeanette Larson
Kathryn Lay
Cynthia Leitich-Smith
David Levithan
Lenore Look
Amy Lucas
Jonathan Maberry

Mari Mancusi
Christina Mandelski
Ari Marmell

David Mays
Tom McDermott
Gerald McDermott
Michelynn McKnight
Kinsy McVay
Lucas Miller
Pat Miller
Anna Mitchell
Elizabeth Moon
Stephanie Perry Moore

Pat Mora
Lauren Myracle

Dawn Bluemel Oldfield
Lauren Oliver
Kevin O'Malley
Katherine Hall Page
David Patneaude
Richard Peck
Jan Peck
Sara Pennypacker
Matt Phelan

Rickey Pittman
J.L. Powers
Joy Preble

James E. Ransome
Laura Resau
Bettina Restrepo
Cindy Rhodes
Rhonda Riskey

Spelile Rivas
Kimberla Lawson Roby
Eric Rohmann
Dave Roman
Alexey Root
Patrick Rothfuss
James Rubart
Carrie Ryan
Pam Munoz Ryan
Benjamin Alire Saenz
John Scalzi
Liz Garton Scanlon
Steven P. Schneider
Elizabeth Scott
Lalitha Shetty
Marilyn Singer
Alan Sitomer
Icy Smith
J. Jaye Smith
Michael Smith
Maria V. Snyder

Jordan Sonnenblick
Diane Stanley
Jodi Stauffer
Donna St. Cyr

 Rebecca Stead
Michelle Stimpson
Todd Strasser
Scott Sutton
Carmen Tafolla
Don Tate

Greg Taylor
Raina Telgemeier
Mike Thaler
Amanda M. Thrasher
Tim Tingle
Brad Turner
Pamela Turner
Karen Valby

Mimi Vance
Antoinett vanHeugten
Audrey Vernick
Sue Ward

David Warlick
Robert Paul Weston
Lisa Wheeler
Andrea White
Jo Whittemore
Jenny Wingfield
Jacqueline Winspear

Tim Wynne-Jones
Dan Yaccarino

Terry Ybanez
Gwendolyn Zepeda


I also get to attend a cocktail party thrown by Candlewick Press and have dinner with two awesome authors on Tuesday! I can't wait to spill the beans.... 

I will be out of commission until probably Saturday night. To keep busy, enter my 1,000 Follower Giveaway! Link can be found on the sidebar! 

Happy Reading!