May 15, 2011

In My Mailbox

IMM is a meme brought to us from The Story Siren. Basically, it's a good way to add books on to your TBR pile, get a head's up on what is coming soon, and to totally brag. Let's get real... ;)

For Review:
Cut my Patricia McCormick (happy to be a part of the 10th anniversary - giveaway coming soon!)

Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi on audio (Thx, RandomHouse Audio!)

Everfound by Neal Shusterman (for signing)

Currently Reading:
Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma

Always looking for readers for tour books!
Birthday Giveaway coming soon!
HUGE blogoversay next month!


  1. Great lot! I read Cut such a long time ago and remember it being a pretty powerful book. Looking forward to what you have to say about Imaginary Girls. Happy Reading :)

  2. I would love to join in one of the ARC tours, but sadly I am in Canada. Do you happen to know of anyone that is willing to let us Canadians join in one??

    Interested to see what you think of Imaginary Girls.

  3. Ooh, I've heard so muchgood stuff about Imaginary Girls :) Nice loot this week, oooh, blogoversary coming up! happy early congrats :P

  4. I want to read Imaginary Girls so freaking badly! I hope you like it!

  5. Hope you're enjoying Imaginary Girls and the rest of your great books. Curious to what you'll think of Imaginary Girls before I read it.

  6. Everfound & imaginary GirlS sound so good. If you get a chance, stop by

  7. Imaginary Girls looks good. And how can you go wrong with a bit of star wars. If you have tym check out my IMM:

  8. Love the cover of Imaginary Girls! I hope it's good. I've only read Neal Shusterman's Full Tilt, but I should try out his Skinjacker series!

    iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books

  9. Great mailbox! I really want to read Imaginary Girls! Tell us what you think soon! Will you put it up on tour?

    Happy reading!

  10. Imaginary Girls sounds like a great read! Great books.

  11. I've heard good things about Imaginary Girls. Enjoy!

  12. I just got finished reading Everlost and really enjoyed it. It was a bit younger than I usually go but it was so creative. Hope you enjoy Everfound and all your other reads!

    My Mailbox

  13. Great week. I've seen Everfound in a few mailboxes this week! Hope you enjoy it. Imaginary Girls - the cover is pretty :)
    Happy Readingm
    Here's my IMM, check it out.

  14. Hey Jen,

    Stop by my blog to pick up your Stylish Blogger Award! :0)