Sep 27, 2011

Banned Books Week Awesomeness Part 2

So, yesterday I showed some cool things that I love about Banned Books Week. If ya missed it, HERE you go. Today, I have more goodies and funnies for you to see.

First up, my good friends Girls In the Stacks made this totally hilarious BBW video. I love these girls and their creativity. They are willing to have fun and do it all for literature.

Maureen Johnson tweeted about donating all of the proceeds for this YA Saves shirt to Reading is Fundamental. #yasaves was a hashtag created after a war broke out on Twitter after Cox Gurden publicly stated that dark subject matter in young adult literature will harm and endanger a child. (grounds for a book challenge?) The world fought back, including teens, saying that teens and young adults have"dark" experiences and they feel that reading about them has saved their life. Hence....#yasaves. If you missed it, Google - "#yasaves" + Twitter  I'll be buying this shirt!

Love this BBW poster from 2003 with a Warhol feel.

This parody cartoon of the #1 challenged book, And Tango Makes Three, makes me laugh. Maybe I shouldn't. ;)

That's it for now, but stay tuned! Many more to come this week!