Sep 30, 2011

Banned Books Week Awesomeness Part 4

Another day of BBW, another post about some awesome stuff. All images will lead you to the goodies. Find day 3 HERE, day 2 HERE, and day 1 HERE.

Carolyn always has the coolest stuff for sale and has been generous to donate her banned inspired jewelry to this blog. She is now an ABFFE affiliate so when she sells to bookstores, ABFFE gets 10%. I have bought several things from her. Check out her new pins! 

Love this cartoon from Unshelved

Yes, the Hunger Games series has definitely been challenged - violence. I LOVE this pumpkin and Novel Novice is giving one away! *crosses fingers* 

This shirt is calling my name!!! 

Thank you sticking around this week! 


  1. Love all the items you posted, especially the cartoon and the I'm with the Banned (books) shirt. So funny and so true.

  2. All these things are awesome! I love that hunger games pumpkin! Its so epic :)

  3. Thanks for all you do to promote the Freedom to Read.

    I think I have one more Banned Books Week post in my, so check my blog out later for my wrap-up.

    I've had a very successful week in my library with many, many of my banned books flying off the shelves.

    I love the cartoon: Bland Books Week. Ha-ha!