Oct 3, 2011

The Faerie Ring - Interview with Kiki Hamilton

I am happy to have Kiki Hamilton, author of The Faerie Ring, on the blog today! When I received her book, I immediately thought it would be an excellent tour book. So, it's out there in the world and hasn't come back yet! If you would like to check out some reviews, find the Linky HERE.

Can I just say how fun Kiki is! We finally got to meet in person at ALA and had a great time at the Tor party. When Katie from Mundiermoms asked if I wanted to be on her tour for Kiki, I had to say yes.

 Stephanie, Cari, Kiki, Lisa, and I. 

Without further ado, here's Kiki!

Hi Jen! Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog and for participating in this blog tour!!
Thank you for answering some questions today!!

Describe your journey to publication in one word. 

What came first - character, plot, or setting? 
Character and setting came simultaneously. I knew Tiki was a pickpocket in Victorian London – that’s where I started.

Where did you come up with the characters names? 
Character names just come to me. I know, that’s sort of a lame answer :-} but that’s usually where I start – who is trying to tell me there story? The character shows up in my imagination and they usually come with a name.

When your close family and friends were reading for the first time, did they want you to change anything? 
To tell you the truth, nobody read this story before I sent it to my agent. I wrote The Faerie Ring in thirty days. My agent, Kate Schafer Testerman, was reading something else I wrote, so I wrote TFR while she was reading. She came back and wanted revisions on the other book and I said ‘yes, and oh, by the way, I have this other story….’ so I sent it on to her. 

WOW, 30 days! 

Why faeries and not, say, vampire lore? 
I’m not a big vampire lover – though I did love TWILIGHT – but it seems like vampires have been written about in every possible way, and they are what they are. Faeries though, have unlimited possibilities for interpretation. Also, they are common to many culture’s mythology so it’s almost a universal element that people can understand and relate to. Plus, I love the idea of unseen worlds existing side by side with our own and what happens when those worlds collide – the Otherworld offers the perfect set-up for that kind of story. But back to vampires – you know - never say never. J

Tiki is literally struggling to survive in Victorian London as a pick-pocketer. What made you choose the profession? 
Characters are more interesting when they have a struggle and Victorian London was a fascinating time in history with a real dichotomy of motivations and classes – those who had and those who didn’t. Pickpockets were common as many children were orphaned or sent to the workhouse and I like the challenge of being a successful pickpocket. Not only stealing enough to survive, but to pickpocket without getting caught.

Tiki steals a ring that is worth more than meets the eye. Was this version modeled after an existing ring? 
No – the ring is something I made up.

Was Rieker's role always very clear to you or did it evolve over time? 
Rieker evolved, like most of my characters do. I don’t outline, so often I don’t know the end of the story until I get there. Crazy, right? Which is half the fun of writing – I have to keep going to find out what happens next! But I will say, we have only just begun to learn what there is to know about the characters in The Faerie Ring.

I have to ask, when will the cover for book two, THE TORN WING be revealed? 
That all depends… J I haven’t actually sold The Torn Wing yet, but I will release the book one way or the other – so stay tuned! I’ll let you know when I know!!

Thanks SO much, Jen! I really appreciate all the support you’ve shown me!
All the thanks to you, Kik!

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You can find Kiki right HERE on her website.

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