Oct 21, 2011

Sneak Peek - Texas Library Association in Houston - April 17-20th, 2012

Being trained in the art of the Librarian has its perks. I'm just a wincey bit inquisitive and have a knack of finding out things. (my kids are doomed, btw) So when I was buzzing around the TLA website as I often do, I happened to notice the Preview Program Sessions. I knew what this meant! You guessed it - these awesome people are slated to present and sign in Houston at TLA next year!

I must say, this lineup is fanny-pack-tastic! Take a look at all of these amazing writers below:

AND that's not all. The list goes on and on! 

*insert disclaimer*
In the past, there have been a few authors that did not sign downstairs with the crowd. For example, Jeff Kinney signed Wimpy Kid upstairs after his panel. I cannot guarantee that these people will be in the exhibit area. Likely, yes! If I had to guess, Judy Blume will sign after her panel upstairs.

Thank you for putting up with my antics last night. TLA is a fantastic event and deserves the buzz. There will be much talk over the next couple months. Stay tuned! You can find more info about the conference HERE including the previewed programs on the right-hand side. Registration is not open, but I'll let you know when it does. 

So, start saving money and head to the library slash bookstore and read these fabulous books! What do you guys think? Who are you dying to meet? Hope to see you all in Houston next April.