Oct 20, 2011

Hint 5: NEWS in which I tease you mercilessly.....

I have news! If you are in Texas...this is HUGE news! I will be dropping hints here every couple hours or so and then tomorrow....a big post where I spill the beans. All of the beans and all of the details.

Hint 5: #inwhichyoucry

Hint 4: Sick of me yet?

Hint 3:

Hint 2:

Here is your first hint:

Feel free to take a guess as to what in the heck this could mean! 


  1. I'm going to be cryptic as you are being cryptic that maybe it has to do with a beach? Based on the books have beach covers. IDK

  2. It better be something I can go to!!!! All those authors, please let it be something I can go to :)

  3. Midwinter? Houston Teen Book Con? Some other new and fabulous event?

  4. What is it?!?!? I can't even fathom a guess, but those are some good looking books. =)

  5. These authors will be at ALA Midwinter??

  6. Oh my - I seriously can't even guess, but I am VERY excited!

  7. For once, I feel like I should be glad I live in Texas! What iiiis this? haha