Nov 10, 2011

Audio Review - Fire by Kristin Cashore

Fire by Kristin Cashore
October 5th 2009 from Penguin Audio

Graceling is hands down one of my favorite audio books and I couldn't wait to read Fire. Confession: Fire on audio was the very first thing I had ever won as far as bookish type wins go. I didn't realize at the time that is was a companion to Graceling. So, in my mind I had to read Graceling first. I found an All Cast Audio version at the library and you can read my glowing review HERE. Just. Loved.

Fire is essentially a prequel to Graceling. Having read both, Fire could be a stand alone. We follow Fire, a teenaged human monster, who is able to control minds but would rather just go unnoticed. Her abilities are wanted by the King of the Dells, but she has no desire to become a weapon in war. She will not become the evil monster her father was. Fire wants to help and she must find a way to use her power for the good of the people without compromising her own beliefs. In a time of turmoil with lives at stake, this proves difficult.

There are a lot of characters, especially male, in this book and they all vie for Fire's attention one way or another. We even meet a little boy named Leck. Oy, he gave me the creeps and I totally wanted him to be eaten alive by a dragon or something. But, then we wouldn't have Katsa and Po in Graceling.

Was it just me or was there a lot of talk about Fire's menstrual cycle? I mean, more than five times. I understand that her cycle attracted the negative attention of others and it was a dangerous time for her, but.....yeah. Every time that time of the month came around I thought something totally tragic was going to happen to her.

There are some adult*ish themes in this book that may not be suitable for a young reader - violence, premarital sex, etc... I would recommend for 14+.

Cashore is a master storyteller and I devour everything she delivers. I am waiting on the edge of my seat for Bitterblue. High fantasy, strong female lead, pure music to my ears. A must have.

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