Nov 11, 2011

National Gaming Day @ Your Library

November 12, 2011 is National Gaming Day in libraries around the world! The library is, or should be, the center and hub of a community - a physical place where people gather, interact, learn, and have some fun. This Saturday, libraries will be hosting video game tournaments, setting up Monopoly boards, and breaking out the checkers! All in an effort to better know your neighbor and see what else the library has to offer. Libraries aren't just giant houses for books - find out what libraries in your community are offering.

One of the wonderful things about playing games is that, for the most part, you need to be present and face to face with your opponent in order to play. (All the better for when you totally cream them at Guitar Hero) Also, you can't ignore the fact that kids and teens love games. What a great opportunity for a library to reach this sometime underserved patron!

Games are a big part of our family down time. In fact, my oldest has been hosting Extreme Jenga night every week at our house. Gather as many Jenga blocks as you can and start pulling. It's loud, messy, but a lot of fun! I have the first edition of Trivial Pursuit from when I was a teenager. I begged for months for that game. It was around $50 which was unheard of for a game back then. I remember playing with my parents and getting absolutely zero pies. I had to wait for the 80s Edition and Millenium Edition to come out before I felt smart. I pwn at Disney Trivial Pursuit!

Check out an interactive map of what libraries are hosting National Gaming Day.
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