Apr 30, 2012

Texas Library Association Conference - 2012 Wrapup (+Giveaway)

Another TLA has come and gone, and I am already counting down the days until 2013! It really is one of my favorite literary vacations. This year, I was a busy bee. Take a look at some of the fun that took place.

I presented first thing on Tuesday. Look at the size of this room! TLA asked if they could film the panel so there were spotlights and two cameras. The room was more full than time of photo. ;)
Class of 2K11 dinner - love this group of uber talented writers!

 The YART Texas Tea was one of my favorite events!
 Maggie Steifvater
 Siobhan Vivian
My homegirl, Joy Preble
Austinites Jessica Lee Anderson & PJ Hoover

On Thursday I moderated a panel called Right Now: New YA to Entice Readers:
 My birds-eye view
Morgan Matson, Kate Ellison, Madeleine George
Jessi Kirby, me, Jackson Pearce, and Megan Miranda

The YART appreciation dinner:
Kristin Cashore SAT AT MY TABLE!
Megan Miranda (at my table!) and Melissa Walker 

All and all, one of my favorite TLAs ever! I am so proud to serve on the YART Board and to know so many wonderful authors, publishers, and bloggers. Next year, Fort Worth! I have a swag giveaway of some awesome stuff gathered from TLA. Signed bookmarks, postcards, stickers, and a signed book plate from Kiki Hamilton, Lisa Desrochers, and two from award winning author, Patricia McCormick. There will be TWO winners. Fill out the fancy doo-hickey below to be officially entered. International, good luck! 

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