Jan 31, 2014

Young Adult Keller Book Festival

Last week I was super excited to head up to Fort Worth for YAK Fest. I was honored to be asked to moderate the Reality Bites panel with none other than Andrew Smith, Christa Desir, Diana Lopez, and Kody Keplinger! Lucky for me I had read their books so I was able to spend some time asking them questions that I really wanted to know. We talked about thier pet peeves in writing (someone doesn't like alternating points of view and another slut shaming), the prom (Andrew is friends with his senior prom date on Facebook and Christa didn't go to prom), and of course about inspiration and process. Even though I did a lot of research I learned so many new things about all four authors. We had a great time!
Andrew Smith, Christa Desir, 
Diana Lopez, Me, and Kody Keplinger

We also had a ton of fun on our down times. It's amazing what BBQ and cocktails do to authors and librarians. Here are some of my favorite people that I couldn't be more happy to spend a Saturday with!

Jenny Martin, Julie Murphy, Me, and the BFF Traci
We look like a super happy family!
Andrew and Christa
 Sneaking in some reading time...
So Jeramey is a legit awesome author...I'm not, 
but super excited to have a signing line. Lol

Can't wait for next year! The organizers, people I am so thrilled to call friends espesh Stacy from Girls in the Stacks, are super organized and make the kids feel so connected with amazing authors. Props to them! Make plans for next January!